Video Blog: 3 Social Media Tips to Drive Your Mission

In this video blog, Benjamin Morton, Community Consultant at Personify, shares a few tips on how to more effectively use social media to promote an organization’s cause and online community.

Video Transcript: 

1-Be Authentic

The ever increasing amount of “marketing” on social media has created a very savvy consumer that can smell a fake a mile away.  Focus your messaging on the real mission, the real person, and the real impact behind your cause using impactful images and photos that tell a story.  Your online community is filled with your most dedicated staff and supporters, their stories, their photos and their videos.  Make it easy to share those out to your other channels and you will have a stream of authentic, user-generated content to reach new people.

2-Be Transparent

Supporters want to know who you are and what your connection is to the mission as an organization and as a staff person.  This gives them confidence that their time and money is being well spent and increases their willingness to give.  Use your social media channels to share stories that highlight how your staff and teams embody the mission, how dollars raised are being used and how those dollars are impacting change. The most successful communities are led by a team of staff that get to know its members and the members to know them.  They share their dedication and connection and inspire the same passion and dedication from their members.

3-Be Specific

All social media channels are not created equal. Know the primary demographic for each channel and tell the stories that resonate with those users in the format that they prefer.  This lets them know that you understand who they are and how they engage with organizations and content. Your community uses this same method of segmentation to target content in the community to be relevant to a member’s role with the organization.  Think about how those segments relate to the channels that you use to share your mission and add calls to action with those in mind.

In approaching your online community and social media strategy with authenticity, transparency, and specificity you will continue to bring new members to your organization and further endear existing supporters to your cause.


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