In the events industry, knowledge is power. Event professionals use Twitter daily as a sounding board for the latest #eventprofs news, trends, and tools. If you are looking for some recommendations to follow, keep reading! We have compiled a list of influential Twitter accounts that provide high-quality thought leadership in the events industry.

  1. @BizBash: This is one of our favorite accounts on Twitter. It is a wealth of innovative ideas, resources, and tips for event planners, meeting planners, and experiential marketers. It’s no wonder that it is described as “North America’s #1 source of ideas, news, and resources for event professionals.”
  2. @meetingsnet: If you are on the hunt for regular thought-provoking articles in the events arena, then this is the account for you. The team behind it also offers a valuable daily newsletter rich with the latest and greatest.
  3. @EventMB: Everyone in the events world needs to check out the Event Manager Blog. You will get the latest tech news, info about the latest trends, and the know-how to make your events successful.
  4. @SmartMeetings: This account’s overall mission is to innovate how we meet with one another on a corporate and small business level. It covers general event planning tips and promotes upcoming event management conferences.
  5. @special_events: Special Events Magazine is a general event management news resource about big events happening around the world. You will find new inspiration from the countless examples it provides.
  6. @eventleaders: The Event Leadership Institute’s mission is to provide “progressive training, education, and insights by and for event professionals.” Its focus on education is prevalent on its feed. You can find tips, articles, and conversations about learning from and improving events.
  7. @meetingsmeanbiz: Meetings Mean Business advocates for the value of meetings, conferences, and exhibitions through a regular dose of content.
  8. @CorbinBall: If technology is your thing, be sure to follow Corbin Ball. He primarily focuses on how technology impacts meetings, trade shows, and other events. He was named one of “The 25 Most Influential People in the Meetings Industry” in 2012 by Successful Meetings and MeetingNews magazines.
  9. @PCMAHQ: The Professional Convention Management Association believes that business events can “empower economic and social transformation.” It regularly highlights organizations doing such things.
  10. @richviii: Of course, our very own “Trade Show Wonk” Rich is a must-follow. A seasoned expert in the events industry, he offers his fantastic insights on Trade Show News Network’s (TSNN) Thursday ExpoChats.
  11. @TSNN_Rachel: And speaking of TSNN, Rachel Wimberly is editor-in-chief of the number one trade show industry news source in the United States. She is in the know on everything events-related.
  12. @EventMarketer: If brand experience and innovative marketing tips interest you, be sure to follow this account. It is a leader in all things event marketing.
  13. @mpi: Meeting Professionals International’s Twitter account reports on key industry resources, such as webinars, blogs, and events geared toward meeting professionals.
  14. @EventNewsBlog: Professionals all over the world read Event Industry News’s official account. It’s the founders of #eventhour.
  15. @EventProfs: Be sure to follow its two weekly chats (Tuesdays 9–10 p.m. EST and Thursdays 12–1 p.m.) for valuable event planning tips and tricks.
  16. @ExhibitionNews: First with the big stories and features, Exhibition News is required reading for exhibition industry professionals.
  17. @CAbernathy: Carrie Abernathy is the president of the Association for Women in Events and a true thought leader dedicated to bringing people in the events community together.
  18. @tojulius: Julian Solaris is the editor of The Event Manager Blog. He has keen insights into event technology. He offers some clever tips on planning for events.
  19. @Robyn_WINH: Robyn Davis is an expert on driving successful results for exhibitors. She trains them, works alongside them in booths, and offers her know-how to win at trade shows.
  20. @TheMiceBlog: Irina Graff, founder of THE MICE Blog and #EventPlannersTalk Twitter chat, often shares her insight, knowledge, and experience on her account.

We hope that this list of 20 influential event industry accounts will help you connect with thought leaders who can help you plan better events.

Did we miss any of your favorite influencers? Tweet them to us @writerofevents.