By Rich Vallaster, Director of Marketing

When events came to a screeching halt in 2020, so too did travel. It was a weird time for most of us to have an unplanned respite from all travel but a change to our regular routines of airports, Ubers, and new hotel rooms.

As event professionals, life on the road is something we wear as a badge of honor. We swap stories of crazy flight companions (the ones clipping their toenails) or hotel rooms we would like to forget. We develop habits and techniques to make what may look glamorous to some tolerable to those in the know. It’s part of the life.

I recently talked to a fellow eventprof exchanging those stories, habits, and more importantly what we kept packed at the ready. She called it her rig. We realized we shared many of the same items but also realized there were many great ideas we had not seen or come across.

So, it got me thinking – what’s in your rig?  Any things you wouldn’t be stranded without as you travel? I have created my shortlist of items. I hope you will share what keeps you going as in-person and hybrid events come roaring back.

AND – if you are like me, you had to replace some items you “stole” from your bag during the pandemic.  Share with is your must-have to be entered to win a $75 gift card randomly drawn after our next webinar.

Safe travels, many upgrades, and successful events in 2022!

I have found most items easily on Amazon or other travel retailers linked below.

Most Unique Items

Steam Clip Multi Tool

Ray-Ban Folding Sunglasses



3-1 Charging Cable

4-1 Charging Cable (w/watch charger)

Heavy Duty USB Charger

Portable All-in-One Powerbank

Portable Card Reader

Ultra Thin HMDI Cable

USB-C to HMDI/VGA Adapter

Apple Airpods

Apple Airtags


Mini Reading Glasses

Mini Flashlight

Mini First Aid Kit

Mini Bungee Cords

Emergency Whistle

Mini-Travel Umbrella

Mini-Bottle Opener

Mini-Tooth Brush


Shoe Packing Bags

Compression Packing Cube Set

Eagle Creek Toiletry Bag

Eagle Creek Garment Folder

Eagle Creek Cord Organizer

TravelPro Backpack

Travel Pro Hardside Carry-On

Thin Packing Sandals