What technology should you prioritize next year? 

As the new year dawns, how can you stay ahead of the curve and make sure your association has the right tools in 2023?  

Well, 85% of nonprofits say technology is the key to the success of their organization. This means many organizations have identified tech as important to their mission and their members and are starting to think about a strategic tech plan to help achieve their goals.

Here are a few association tech trends that we believe can help make your communities stronger and more empowered in the coming year!

Trend #1: Economic concerns and recession preparation 

With inflation at a staggering 8.4% this past quarter, supply chain issues and the unprecedented nature of the past few years, the economy is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. How will the potential of a recession affect your association and its events for 2023?  

Although it’s hard to predict an exact fail-safe, the technology you use and the strategies you implement can help your members through a recession.  

Provide an online community for your members that gives them a voice. This space can give them support from other members, learning opportunities and an easy way to donate to special campaigns that can help members receive any emotional or practical support they need through a recession. Consider tech that allows you to check the pulse of your members using surveys or forms that you can post on your website and send via emails. 

Trend #2: Technology centered around your people  

Thriving organizations put their members and their team first. When it comes to budgeting for your technology stack, think about how your people will use it. Is this going to help your members develop? Does this tech strengthen your association’s mission? Will it optimize your staff’s processes?  

The association management software (AMS) you use should provide your team with automation and reliable reporting.   

During your planning for next year, choose technology that’s easy to use for your staff and intuitive for your members.  

Trend #3: Personalized giving experiences 

If your plan for 2023 includes any type of fundraising, you’ll want to give a personalized experience to your members. Utilizing a robust AMS to gather and segment your member’s data will make this easier and more efficient for your team. Members will see opportunities that matter to them based on their preferences. 

Organizations should also consider mobile giving for 2023. We’ve seen a 50% increase in donation transactions completed through mobile devices. This coupled with half of the website traffic coming from mobile devices shows how important it is to build a mobile-friendly website mobile. Implementing this technology for your fundraising is sure to help your association succeed in the coming year. 

Trend #4: Investment in tech talent and training 

Technology is essential for your staff to run efficiently, and it can also be used for training and learning purposes. Whether your organization hires full-time staff or freelance or contract workers to help manage your tech, skilled workers are a must — and if staff is limited in their knowledge, organizations will invest in training for their team in 2023.

Associations should plan to provide comprehensive training and continuous learning opportunities for the tech and data they use.

Ready for more? 

We’ve got 3 more association tech trends to share with you, including:  

  • Prioritizing data security 
  • Member-empowering technology 
  • Curating event experiences for the new VIPs 

We want you to be prepared for 2023 with a robust and strategic technology plan. Join us on December 8th at 12:30 pm ET for the full discussion with Ashly Stewart, Marketing Manager and Erin Sullivan, VP of Marketing in our webinar, “The Top Association Tech Trends for 2023.”