As event organizers, you know the importance of event management software partners in delivering seamless and successful events. However, not all event software partners are created equal, and it is crucial to ask the right questions before choosing one. At A2Z Events, we understand the value of a top-notch service experience, and to help you make an informed decision, we have compiled five questions you must ask when selecting an event management partner: 

1. Does your partner understand the events’ landscape? 

At A2Z, we have 25 years of experience as a leading trade show and events management software provider in North America. We work with various events, from conferences to trade shows, and have the expertise to support your event management needs. Our team is not only experts using our solutions – they understand the industry’s best practices (many are former event professionals themselves).  The average experience in the events industry is over 10; many hold their CEMs and other industry credentials. At A2Z, we’re more than just a software provider. 

2. What kind of service experience can I expect?  

When it comes to event management, it’s not just about the technology you use; it’s also about the level of support you receive. You want a partner that offers a top-notch white-glove service model that provides you with a dedicated Project Manager (PM) who will guide you through every step of the process. With our A2Z Services Suite, we assign a PM to each client who serves as the key point of contact throughout the event’s lifecycle. Your PM will consult with you on how to use the system to meet your show needs and objectives and even facilitate an education plan for your team. Ask your potential partner about their service model and how they will ensure you get the most out of their software.  

3. How will you ensure that my team is trained?  

Training and education are crucial to ensuring that your team can get the most out of your event management partner’s software. They should provide comprehensive training options, including live interactive sessions, recorded videos, and documentation. Their training process should also be ongoing, as the software and features constantly evolve. Our in-house Training Team conducts highly interactive, feature-specific virtual training sessions regularly so your team will have continuous opportunities to enhance (or refresh) their knowledge and use of new features at various points during the event cycle. Make sure your potential partner has a similar training program in place so your team can be fully prepared. 

4. How configurable is your software?  

Every event is unique, and your event management software should reflect that. Ensure you know your specific requirements and ask if your potential partner can accommodate them. Ask your event management partner about their software’s configuration level and how flexible it is to adapt to your specific requirements. A2Z Events software provides high configurability to meet unique needs and objectives. 

5. How will you help measure the success of using your software?    

Measuring the event’s success and using your software is critical for understanding what worked well and what could be improved in the future. Ask your event management partner how they will help you measure success and the tools, including what kind of analytics and reporting tools to help your team measure it. At A2Z, we provide a range of analytics and reporting tools to help our clients gauge the success of their events and make data-driven decisions for the future. 

In conclusion, choosing the right event management software partner is crucial to the success of your event. With the right partner, you can expect a top-notch service experience that offers comprehensive training options, configurable software, and expert event management advice.  

At A2Z, we pride ourselves on being more than just a software provider. We are a partner in your success, and with our newly enhanced A2Z Services Suite, you can trust that you’re working with a top-tier event management partner that will help you achieve your event goals and drive success. Contact us today to see how we can help you deliver seamless and successful events.