Consider the registrant: new insights reveal what keeps attendees coming back for more

Event registration should be as easy for the organizer as it is for potential attendees—but that isn’t always the case. That’s why Personify, Inc. (“Personify”), a lifelong technology partner to associations, nonprofits and event professionals, compiled research from over 300 organizations to create your go-to handbook on the subject: “The A2Z Guide to Event Registration.” The research provides valuable insights into industry trends, common challenges and practical guidance on crafting efficient, successful event registration.

“At Personify, we understand that as the first touch an audience has with an event, registration sets the tone for the entire experience,” said Daria Knupp, Senior Content Manager at Personify. “We conducted this research to provide event organizers with a roadmap to streamline the event registration process, optimizing it to address the frustrations most expressed by audiences. Of those surveyed, 44% identified registrants as the most critical metric to an event’s success, which tracks when you consider that an event ultimately hinges on attendance. The more people register, the more attendees you have to engage with content. We believe our findings are vital to successful event registration, and by extension, to a successful event.”

Above all, our research showed ease of use to be the most important factor when developing an event registration process—with 54% of respondents ranking it as their top priority. By putting ease of use first, event organizers can create a user-friendly, low-stress experience that increases the likelihood of attendees following through with registration and enhancing their satisfaction with the brand overall.

While ease of use may be top of mind, registrants also have their data and privacy to worry about when registering for events. As registration trends move toward personalization, protecting users’ data remains imperative, with 66% of survey respondents opting to use secure online registration software. By staying vigilant and proactive with cybersecurity, event professionals can build trust with attendees and ensure their data remains safe and secure.

Once you have your event registration built out, secure and ready to go, what’s the best way to promote it? In our increasingly digital world, it’s no surprise that our survey revealed social media as the most popular tool for promoting event registration. Social media is indispensable when it comes to both planning for and promoting events, and our research proves users’ preference for it as a means of communication. And though email marketing came in at a close second, it’s important to be wary of email fatigue: when emails start to pile up, registrants can start to tune out.

Despite the potential challenges of email fatigue, email still presents a unique marketing opportunity for event professionals—granted if they’re able to stand out in a sea of emails. Our research shows that a strategic approach leveraging a combination of personalization, segmentation, A/B testing, value proposition and multi-channel marketing is the most successful. Personalizing according to topics of interest, certification renewals and past attendance can help forge a connection between brand and recipient, while clearly communicating the event’s value gives potential attendees compelling reasons to attend.

A successful event starts with a successful registration process. As your attendee’s first impression of the event itself, it’s essential to keep the process simple, secure and easily accessible through social media and email marketing. Adhering to the insights uncovered in this report can help increase engagement, boost event attendance and strengthen the bond between you and your users—meaning even more attendance down the line!

Download the “A2Z Guide to Event Registration” for free and gain access to 20 pages of insights into what makes registrants tick, tips to streamline the registration process and practical steps to keep your users’ data safe. Our research team surveyed over 300 organizations from various industries managing registration for at least one event annually.  Some of the organizations surveyed manage over 20 events each year, and while most of the events are held in person, a small percentage of the organizations also host virtual and hybrid events. While every event registration process is unique, our findings speak to broader truths about what compels potential attendees to register—or not register—and can be used to optimize your event organization process, increase investment returns and maximize engagement for your next event.

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