The launch of our Community Experience Platform ushers in a new identity as the relationship-building partner for associations.

Personify just debuted a new look, logo, and website alongside our scalable, all-in-one Community Experience Platform where clients can mix and match products to fit their evolving needs. Most importantly, the change signals Personify’s strategic focus on building relationships – both with our customers and across their member communities.

“Stronger communities start here – with convenient, cutting-edge technology and a dedicated partner that helps you make the most of your tools to advance your mission, connect with your members, exceed revenue targets, and reduce manual effort.”

Phil Dolan, CMO, Personify

What’s Changed…

We gave the brand a thoughtful makeover. 

In order to reflect our values and strategic focus around building connected communities, we redesigned the Personify brand. With playful, colorful, and relational imagery, we hope to express the dynamism and diversity of our products, our people, and our customer community.  

Our product portfolio grew to improve flexibility and breadth of features.

Beyond adding new products like MemberClicks, A2Z Events, and WildApricot to our portfolio, we’ve packed all our offerings and capabilities into the comprehensive, flexible, and scalable Community Experience Platform. It’s the convenient, all-in-one solution for reducing manual labor and building better relationships while driving your mission and your revenue. We’ll mix, match, and mold the perfect combination of tools and services that cover your current and emerging needs – plus help you grow into the future. 

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We’ve expanded our ability to serve new audiences. 

With our extended product line, we’re better equipped to serve organizations of all sizes, in a wide array of industries. From healthcare to education, nonprofits, associations, chambers, and even clubs and HOAs, Personify connects you with the right solutions, expertise, and data to make operations and decision-making more effective and rewarding.

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What Hasn’t…

Our commitment to continually improving our client service.

We know client service is critical to your organization’s success and also makes your jobs easier. We’ve increased our investment in providing you the service experience that you deserve. Our relationship with you and your organization is as important as yours is with your members and clients. The better we connect with you, the better you can connect with your members and clients.

Our commitment to your success is stronger than ever.

The world is a challenging and rapidly evolving place. That’s why we strive to be a trusted partner to help you navigate the unknown future. Every day, it’s our pleasure to help make your job easier so you can focus on increasing membership, revenue and engagement as you leave an inspired legacy in your organization and community. 

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We build strong connections with our clients so they can build strong connections with their communities.

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With Personify, you get more than comprehensive and cutting-edge technology for managing your organization and events. We promise to become your true partner – dedicated to facilitating the growth of your organization, your community, and your ability to drive your mission forward. 


We’ll Talk With You

Our solution experts will listen to your story and use their extensive experience to tailor a simple-to-use software package to your specific challenges.

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We promise to build trust by working beside you to solve problems and delivering world-class service.

We’ll Grow With You

You can choose the right software and level of service that works for your organization at every stage of its evolution.  

Start building a greater legacy today with a complimentary consultation. We’ll tailor a relationship-enhancing and revenue-boosting solution to fit your organization’s size, needs, industry, and plans for growth.