As we enter the new year, we look back at ten of our most popular 2021 blog topics.

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Meet the New Personify

Alongside our scalable, all-in-one Community Experience Platform, which allows clients to customize products to meet their changing demands, we debuted a new appearance, logo, and website. Most importantly, the shift signaled Personify’s focused commitment to developing connections with its clients and other members of its member communities.

What Is an Online Community?

In this well-read post, we go over the components of what comprises an online community. Simply said, an online community is a digital platform for a group of individuals with a shared interest, enthusiasm, or objective that interact and communicate with one another is an online community.

Five Lessons Learned from a Post Pandemic In-Person Event

After a 16-month absence from in-person tradeshows, Director of Marketing Rich Vallaster was back at one. Personify A2Z Events sponsored the SISO CEO Summit, and while Vallaster expected it to be like riding a bike, it brought with it some important lessons and a few surprises.

15+ Top Stats about Online Communities

More people claim to go to community sites more frequently now than they did a few years ago. Furthermore, a study shows that individuals are more inclined to invest in online communities during (or as a result of) crises, trauma, or major life changes. We explore these statistics in greater depth in this data-rich post.

A Guide to Digital Business Cards in 2021

In recent years, both in-person and virtual, events have undergone a significant transformation. The event’s primary aim—making contact with new people—remains consistent. Paper business cards are becoming less popular, and we show you how to make an electronic business card for your next event.

How to Create Online Community Guidelines

When deciding to establish an online community for your organization or nonprofit, the first question that may arise is how to develop a set of online community rules that will create a safe space for members and supporters to connect and interact with one another. We can help you with this topic in this post.

4 Steps for Winning Back Lapsed Exhibitors

According to some industry experts we interviewed in this helpful post, taking a consultative approach, leveraging current and past data, and providing highly personalized incentives may be the most effective weapons in your arsenal for regaining lost exhibitors.

For a Vibrantly Engaged Community Look to Third Place Theory

The Third Place theory, popularized decades ago by sociologist Ray Oldenberg with his book The Great Good Place, believes that certain sorts of gathering places are necessary for a person’s happiness and civic vitality. We show how this relates to online communities.

6 Ways You Can Cut Down Your Event Budget

We’re hearing from industry experts that the event budget is the top priority for 2022. While budgets remain stable, demands and expenses are increasing. To discover more about how to save money on conferences and trade shows that your attendees will not even be aware of, we spoke with a few event professionals!

5 Ways to Build an Inclusive Online Community

There are several ways you can make sure that everyone who joins your online community feels welcome and involved, even if it appears as though they’re on the same playing field. We’ve outlined five easy ways to create an inclusive online community.