Rich Vallaster, Director of Marketing

Like spring flowers soon emerging, we see signs of life from events of all sizes popping up all over. And as events have been staging, our teams have been busy helping our clients successfully return. As such, I wanted to share a little more about how we have been restructuring to help our clients succeed in this “new normal” of trade shows, conferences, and events.  

Service Philosophy 

Our team, many of whom were trade show managers, conference organizers, and event planners before coming to Personify, understand the many stress points you face in the lifecycle of your event. And in our 20+ years of servicing clients and hundreds of thousands of trade shows, conferences and events – relying on one single contact only slow your success down.   

Let’s face it, many times you only run some reports or accomplish specific tasks once a show cycle, and maybe only once a year. Or you need to make a simple update or change a price. More often, you needed these changes or information quickly.  

So, we set out a few years ago to start making improvements in the way we work with you and continual product improvements to not slow your velocity in running events. We wanted to empower you with the right tools and top-tier educational programming to be able to do business on your timeline – not wait for one contact to get back to you since your need was now, not next week. And what if they were on vacation?  We remember those days.  

Product Improvements  

Let’s start with the A2Z system. Our clients are incredibly talented, intelligent, and moving even faster than before. We took your feedback and continue to create a more configurable system – empowering users to make changes on your timeline without needing an account or project manager. We also have the most aggressive product roadmap with more client empowerment tools and other attendee and exhibitor engagement features coming in 2022 (so stay tuned).  

Our Implementation Teams 

While most look the same, every event is truly unique – and we recognize that and have built a process to make sure you get the most out of your system. Whether it is how you collect money to sell exhibits, our implementation managers guide you through each step of onboarding to training. Depending on the client, this team may work with you directly from phone calls to messages in our project management system to keep you fully informed of the deployment process. And don’t worry about using client “points” to contact our team; they are there to assist.  

The implementation managers also work with our fantastic business solution consultants. This team was built from those who know shows and, more importantly, know our solutions’ incredible power. Their priority is to create a system configured to your events needs to maximize your efficiency and achieve your business objectives. They are also responsible for another unique aspect of our onboarding process – custom documentation outlining specific areas created for you.  

While our technical solution consultants work behind the scenes, they resolved 5,851 tickets, implemented client requests this past year, and supported your business solutions architects.   

Our Support & Education Teams 

Your events and learning never stop at Personify. Our support (chat) team are not computers or bots – their team is based in our Columbia, MD office to help you solve those questions that arise as you run that report or update your payment schedule. Many of our clients know our chat team by name and start by asking how their pets are. They are live all five days a week, so you don’t have to wait.  In 2021 alone the chat team answered over 1,700 chats. If our clients contacted our chat team after hours, those chats are converted to email requests and they responded to over 1,200 of those, all within the next business day.  

Our education team keeps our help center growing.  We have added over 200 new informative articles to it just this year and updated 200 more to include more up-to-date information and practical tips. The help center now has over 800 articles and has received over 50,000 views in the past year. Many of these powerful step-by-step guides cover the most common processes and explanations of each product feature.  

We also offered 80 live interactive sessions, monthly ask an expert and certification sessions and on-demand training sessions. 

The Year Ahead 

It is an exciting year ahead for everyone – from the events professionals, we serve to our team helping you succeed at your event. As we recover from the pandemic and reduced teams across the industry, it has made it even more critical to have an entire team and a system built to accomplish your goals quicker, easier, and faster than ever before. Want to talk more about who we will work with you?  Request a demo.