From the eyes of the exhibitor: new research provides key insights into the power of events, expectations, demographic shifts and more. 

Personify, Inc. (“Personify”), a technology partner helping associations, nonprofits and event professionals to bring people together and build revenue, is pleased to release powerful insights and considerations for trade shows and events in 2023. The research report, “2023 Exhibitor Data: Research Findings,” presents the most relevant and current trends for trade show and event organizers with research conducted by A2Z Events in January 2023. The full report provides a deep understanding of the power of events today, changing expectations, unique challenges, expanding goals and demographic shifts, all from the eyes of the exhibitor.  

“At Personify, we understand the importance of staying informed about the current trends and expectations for trade shows and events,” said Rich Vallaster, Director of Event Marketing at Personify. “That’s why we conducted this research – to provide event organizers with a better understanding of exhibitor preferences and needs. The most surprising finding from the survey was that exhibitors cited increasing their visibility as more important than generating leads – a clear indication of the broader goals many companies have for events today. Overall, we feel this survey data is essential to help ensure that trade shows in 2023 meet the demands of modern exhibitors.” 

Within the report, our research affirms anticipated growth in event participation this year, highlighting that events are a powerful and versatile marketing tool for companies of all sizes. 89% of survey respondents reported their 2023 event participation is staying the same or increasing compared to 2022. Despite economic uncertainty, companies are looking to 2023 as a benchmark for successful events, recognizing the importance of event ROI and engagement in an ever-competitive market.  

Findings within the report suggest that events have become more than just a tool to acquire new customers. While generating new leads has always been a top priority, in 2023, exhibitors are looking to increase their visibility more than ever before. Exhibitors also reported that content will be a key motivator for attendance at an event and sustainability remains a focus for many when organizing events.  

Additionally, the report uncovers the most important demographic to target and consider when designing your event experiences in 2023. Today’s primary target audience may be younger than you think. The demographic insights within the report support a considerable shift in buying power and an increase in expectations for a curated, interactive and engaging experience before, during and after events.   

Meeting the needs of exhibitors is not easy in today’s world. On top of ensuring basic needs, such as having an exhibition space and marketing materials available, understanding exhibitor expectations and motivations will further enable show organizers and events professionals to maximize their events in 2023 and beyond.  

“2023 Exhibitor Data: Research Findings” is available to download for free and contains 16 pages filled with insights into the motivations, preferences and expectations of today’s exhibitors. The report was compiled from the survey responses of 318 participants employed by companies or organizations that have exhibited during at least one trade show, conference or event in the United States during 2022. While each company or organization is unique in its participation in trade shows and events, the findings can help inform show organizers as they develop strategies designed to support the long-term growth and success of their organization.  

The full report, conducted by A2Z Events by Personify, is available to download for free, here.  

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