5 Reasons Why Event Professionals Can’t (And Shouldn’t) Live Without It   

While it seems obvious you would want all your event data in one place, you might be surprised to learn many event management software solutions aren’t built this way. As a busy event professional, the last thing you have time for is logging into each event to get data, send communications, update your conference sessions, etc. And like most of our clients, they manage more than one event – some over 100. Whether it is two events or two hundred – A2Z Events is designed with your time and needs in mind.  

#1 – Holistic View of the Data 

Organizational leaders across the globe are demanding a more holistic view of their data to make more meaningful and predictable strategic decisions. With one system capable of looking at not just multiple years but different events – looking for those trends and data drive intelligence is easy with A2Z. For example, how are these sponsorships performing compared to last year’s event? How are they compared to previous years? How are they performing compared to our other events selling the same sponsorships? Imagine this and all your other exhibitors, sponsors, and registration data at your fingertips in one system.  

#2 – Power Tools  

Just as important as the data are the tools needed to pull it. With a few clicks, A2A offers easy-to-use industry-standard pre-built reports to our Business Intelligence (BI) and Reporting Engine. On the rare occasion those two tools can’t get you what you need, we also have custom reporting available. It’s time to stop logging into multiple events, downloading the data, and using spreadsheets to analyze your event data across years and shows.  

#3 – Improved Efficiency  

A central location (Global HQ) allows your team one central location (versus logging into each event) and saves critical time and hassle. It also increases accuracy as your team no longer needs to pull and review information, settings, and configurations from multiple sites. And for your audiences, having their data and information flow from event to event reduces the hassle for on your team and your companies.  

#4 – Sales (and Revenue) Ready 

How often do you have a company ask your sales staff – “What did we do last year?”  

Being able to view their booth location, size, spending, sponsorships, etc., for each year and each event you manage, A2Z speeds sales velocity and authority of your sales team. Imagine trying to click around into different event systems to see this information and use your calculator to add it up.  

#5 – Finance Team Dream  

Yearly audits, no problem. Insurance claims, easy. Reconciliation, a breeze. Company spends for the past five years, two clicks. Financials are at the heart of A2Z, which is why CFOs and finance teams have relied on A2Z for their event financials. The ability to quickly access company and financial data across events and years makes our financials the industry standard.

As you can see, multi-year, multi-event event management software should be a must as you consider solutions, not just for your events team, but your entire organization.