Looking for a more modern event platform for your tradeshow or conference, look no further than our new Exhibitor Hub! 

Our easy-to-use tools and unique user experiences make event planning more manageable than ever before. Our exciting new Matchmaking feature ensures that you’ll get the most out of your trade show experience. Attendees can search for the best-matched exhibitors, and exhibitors can get in front of the most qualified attendees. 

 “If you’re looking for an event platform that is modern, user-friendly, and packed with features, look no further than the new exhibitor hub from A2Z Events by Personify, explains Jonathan Damrich, VP, Product Research & Development. We’ve made it our mission to provide exhibitors and attendees with the tools they need to succeed, and our event matchmaking software is the perfect example of that.” 

What is the Exhibitor Hub? 

It Improves the exhibitor experience 

Make it simple for your exhibitors to fill out their company profile, add products and digital assets, and fulfill other tasks before the show. 

It has an easy set-up 

The Exhibitor Hub is a single location for exhibitors to manage their digital presence at the event. The quick and simple establishment of exhibitor assets encourages full completion. 

It provides value 

Using our software, you can get in-depth information on attendees interested in a particular exhibitor. Prove ROI to exhibitors by providing detailed analytics on attendee interactions such as advertisement clicks, page views, product views, etc. Give specific details about visitors that show interest in an exhibitor. 

It examines exhibitor analytics 

Encourage exhibitors to return to future events by informing them of the return on their investment. Examine each exhibit package and provide statistics to show the value of your event. 

It tracks exhibitor progress 

Organizers can keep track of exhibitor progress to ensure that complete profiles and comprehensive listings are completed creating a digital profile attendees expect. Provide a wide range of materials to guarantee that both exhibitors and visitors have a positive experience. 

What Can the Matchmaking Feature Do? 

This fantastic feature creates a one-on-one matchmaking experience for exhibitors and attendees. 

With engagement at a premium for attendees returning to in-person events, providing ROI for this audience is extremely important. Matchmaking can expedite relevant relationships and high-quality interactions. 

It provides quality recommendations 

Match people based on their interactions and interests. Exhibitors can contact and interact with attendees who view their profiles or purchase their goods (based on show management controls). Attendees may use the expo to its full potential if they have access to relevant items and services. 

It provides a tailored experience 

Having a custom experience for each exhibitor and attendee allows them to reach their objectives while still saving time curating information. 

AI powers it 

AI-powered matchmaking ensures meaningful matches occur, with new partnerships established throughout the show cycle based on daily interactions. 

It saves time 

Before, during, or after the event, you may connect and schedule meetings. Exhibitors and attendees can engage with each other through a safe, centralized and controlled communication channel. 

Exhibitors and visitors can save a significant amount of time by finding appropriate matches immediately and maximizing their chances for a successful show.  

Why Do You Need It? 

It’s time to modernize your event experience. And it’s an experience that everyone will love! How often have we heard that attendees just don’t know which exhibitors are the most relevant to visit or that exhibitors must sift through countless show leads to find the most relevant buyers? Not to mention the ability to see which exhibitors have completed their profile and set up? Now you can solve all of those problems. Schedule a demo today.