I was curious to test out the newest AI headshot trend that everyone’s talking about, so I decided to give it a try and see what all the fuss was about. I have to say; I was pleasantly surprised. 

The newest app on the block, ProfilePicture.AI, is quickly becoming the talk of the town! With the help of artificial intelligence, it can create perfect profile pictures for you, your pets, and even your loved ones (human or animal). 

As event professionals, your headshots are one of the first things people will see when looking for you online. It’s also one of the hottest sponsorships and most sought after experiences at events. A headshot conveys an immediate impression and can be an invaluable tool for introducing yourself. So, can AI work for you? Let us dig in, shall we? 

How to Use ProfilePicture.AI 

With a reasonable one-time payment, this fantastic app uses artificial intelligence to create 100+ beautiful profile pictures in full HD quality.  

To get started, all you need to do is upload your photos following the guidelines. The more pictures you upload of yourself from different angles and lighting, the better the results will be! 

In addition, choose photos that show all your facial and body features, add a name to the life you’re recreating (male, female, couple, dog, cat, or something else), then click send – processing time can be up to three hours. I was notified mine would take longer due to increased demand, and I received mine in about 12 hours. 

The Overall Outcome 

They truly showcase the incredible range of what was possible. I was amazed at how effortlessly I could be transformed into an entirely different persona, each so intricate and detailed.  

Each depiction had its unique charm, from the striking appearance of the seasoned aviator to the regal poise of the royal highness and the commanding presence of the ship captain. And yet, every single one of them still managed to maintain the essence of who I am.  

So go ahead and check out this best-of collection below. I’m sure you’ll be just as amazed as I was! 


Some of these I would use in real life; I wish I were that good-looking! Ha-ha. 


You may now refer to me as “Your Majesty.”  Another life, perhaps. 😊 


 As I gazed upon the colorful and whimsical depictions before me, I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of excitement. “If I do say so myself,” I thought with a smile, “I think I would have made a fantastic cartoon character.” 


Out of all the depictions in the collection, something about the space-related ones captivated me. These images truly had me looking like I was ready to blast off into the vast expanse of the cosmos. With the sleek and futuristic gear, the dynamic poses, and the breathtaking backdrops of distant planets and stars, I felt like I was part of some epic science fiction adventure. 

Final Thoughts 

These incredible products are not only fantastic for personal use and decoration, but they also have immense potential for event professionals. The possibilities are endless, from designing eye-catching graphics and marketing materials to creating unique and unforgettable event experiences. 

Imagine using these impressive images to create one-of-a-kind backdrops and displays for your events – your attendees would be blown away! These images could also be used to create personalized giveaways for event attendees, speakers or custom social media graphics to enhance your online presence. 

Event organizers and marketers could use these products to create visually stunning proposals and presentations, showcasing their creativity and attention to detail. And with the vast array of styles and colors available, you can tailor each creation to match the theme and tone of your event perfectly. 

So, whether you’re an event prof or just someone looking to add some extra pizzazz to your social media profile, these products will impress. Give the app a solid selection of training pics, and let the models work their magic. The results will surpass your expectations and inspire new waves of creativity. These imaginative creations are indeed the future of art and technology, and I cannot wait to see how event professionals will take advantage of them.