According to Merriam Webster, the word epic means to extend beyond the usual or ordinary, especially in size or scope. When I saw the title EpiC Specialist at Personify, I was intrigued.

Personify’s EPiC Program

What goes in to becoming an EPiC Specialist, which stands for someone who has Exceptional Potential early In their Career? The EPiC Program a year-long rotational program at Personify with rotations in three departments, with four months spent in each one. EPiC Specialists develop new skillsets in each department and become crucial members of the team throughout each rotation.

As a member of Personify’s inaugural EPiC class, I can share that I have learned so much over the past months of being an Epic Specialist, not just about who I was professionally but as a coworker, employee and mentee.

My EPiC Rotations

I started my rotation in Human Resources, learning the ins and outs of a company and understanding what it takes to create a strong corporate culture and environment within a company. My first rotation helped me understand how to interview candidates for jobs, recruiting best practices and how to create a team of happy employees at Personify. I am convinced that everyone should work in HR at some point in their life to understand just how impactful they are to driving the company’s culture and that they are the foundation for the organization’s success.

My next two rotations had me join the marketing team, initially in Brand and Communications and then in Demand Generation. My daily activities include managing social media, creating content and learning the ins and out of the tactics and execution of a marketing campaign. As part of the marketing team, I learned how much work and persistence goes into the daily upkeep of a corporate brand. I was given countless opportunities for new experiences that I never thought I would be doing. From planning our annual Sales Kick Off meeting, planning and attending PersoniFest, our annual user conference, and helping create content for social media–I had multiple experiences that helped me grow.

I was faced with challenges and tasks that helped me grow in my career. Throughout the rotations, I interacted with departments across the organization where I need to hone my project management skills and develop close relationships with new teammates. I didn’t just learn about Human Resources and Marketing, I learned life skills that I will take with me wherever I go. While I developed tangible career skills, I learned a lot about myself as well—including how I best work with others, meeting deadlines under pressure and managing my daily tasks.

Reflecting on my Experience

As a recent college grad, job hunting was a daunting task that sometimes seemed impossible and, without truly knowing what I wanted to do, I was afraid that my job search would be an uphill battle. Then I found the EPiC Program. This program is perfect for someone who isn’t quite sure what they want to do but are looking for exposure to multiple teams and projects.

As I am closing this chapter as an EPiC specialist, I am reflecting back on how many opportunities I had to learn and grow in this program. I discovered what I really enjoy doing and the environments that help me thrive and grow. The EPiC program allowed me and my colleagues to better understand how different departments and teams come together to build a successful organization.

I was able to take the skills I already had and further develop them. I would encourage any  growing organization to create a program like this one that helps young professionals try on different career opportunities and expand their areas of expertise. I feel as if I can take on the world now because of my experience and opportunities as an EPiC Specialist here at Personify.

p.s. Personify is hiring. Check out our job openings!