Personify’s Leadership Team wants to express how disappointed we are with the outcome of the Georgia voting legislation and similar legislation proposed in the state of Texas. In states that are home to two of our principal offices, the legislation will likely suppress voter turnout. The laws make voting less accessible and convenient especially for voting blocs comprised of individuals who are disproportionately affected by the voting legislation.

In Georgia, the law was passed in direct response to a lie that there was widespread voter fraud in the state during the recent U.S. election. It is simply not true. We stand in support of keeping the rules of the game even if they sometimes don’t work in our favor.

These sentiments are not about politics. We stand for truth, transparency, and integrity. We have a social responsibility to stand in support of helping to make voting more accessible and convenient for all voters in Georgia, Texas, every other U.S. state and Canadian province, and democracies in countries that hold human equality and equity as sacred as we do.

As an example of the importance with which we treat the democratic right to vote:

  • We continue to provide time off to vote. We will never encourage how any employee should vote, only that every employee who is eligible to vote does so.
  • We support future legislation that reverses current legislation designed to disadvantage some voters. The spirit of this legislation stands in direct opposition to Personify’s values of responsibility and transparency.
  • We consider a law’s congruence with our company values as we determine where to invest in expanding our team, facilities, events and partnerships. The business environment is not the only factor, but we’ll seek to invest where possible in states with legislation that share our values of integrity, fairness, social responsibility and transparency.

We understand that not all of our employees or clients may agree with our point of view. That’s okay because we also value diversity of thinking and self-expression as long as it does not support discrimination, intimidation or violence. We hope that by sharing our perspective our employees and clients understand how seriously we take our values and appreciate working with a team that believes in a level playing field with fair rules regardless of the score.