Norbert Orth and Eric Thurston

It is with a bittersweet mix of excitement, pride and sadness that I share with you–our clients, partners and friends–that I am stepping down after nearly 7 years as the President and CEO of Personify.

I am profoundly grateful to have been a part of the Personify team and story and I want to thank all of you. We put forward a vision to be the most admired company in our markets and to support your mission with technology solutions that help you and your constituents change the world, and the journey has been amazing.

We launched new product lines and innovative capabilities that bring together your systems in support of a unified, single source of information to advance your programs. We entered new verticals to allow more organizations to better engage their members, attendees and exhibitors and drive fundraising efforts, all of which helped us grow our footprint. We welcomed new teammates, service engagements and partners into our ecosystem designed to help you maximize value for you. It’s been a great ride!

And now, and with a strong foundation and path forward for Personify, it’s time for me pass the business to the next generation of capable leaders.

We have appointed an interim CEO, Norbert Orth, and he will do a phenomenal job while a search for a permanent CEO takes place. I will stay on as an advisor through the end of January to assist Norbert and the team.

The decision to leave was one I made with careful deliberation and reflects a pivotal moment in my life as I move on to new adventures and continue to create my story. I’ll treasure everything we’ve built together and miss the camaraderie of the team, our partners and you, our clients.