One of the core values we foster at Personify is the opportunity to help you expand on your mission through technology. At its heart, helping you achieve your mission is our mission.

At this year’s PersoniFest I had the privilege of honoring a few top performing organizations with the first ever Persi Awards, which recognize the impact, innovation and achievements of our mission-driven, member-focused clients.

The Innovation award honors organizations who, through the Personify suite of solutions, are on the leading edge of driving innovation that creates significant value for their members.

American Optometric Association (AOA), received our Innovation Persi for Personify360, for their feat of digital transformation of their marketing technology stack. AOA undertook a significant digital transformation over the past few years and used the data housed within Personify360 to map out the buyer’s journey focused on conversation. By mapping this journey, they were able to better understand how their members interact with their marketing efforts, allowing them to fulfill their goal of personalizing their members’ experience by matching them to programs that provide value to their members.

We also recognized Carroll University with the Innovation Persi for Community for their forward thinking and engagement best practices using the Small World Community platform. Through data analysis, the team at Carroll found accepted students who join their community were 30 percent more likely to enroll than those accepted students who did not join the community. In the words of the team, “that is huge in our world.”

Based on this finding, Carroll University will build a call to action to join the online community into their outreach efforts and track which students they should target more heavily. We look forward to hearing more about this strategic initiative.

The UCLA Retirees’ Association was chosen for our Innovation Persi for Wild Apricot how they have used Wild Apricot’s platform to better engage their members. They’ve taken full advantage of Wild Apricot’s website builder to create an engaging experience for both prospective members and current members online. Prospective members can easily explore the organization’s benefits and register for membership. Current members can register for events, access special-interest groups, and browse a member directory. In the backend, UCLARA has done a great job of automating many of their task, such as email communication, payments and newsletters to save time and stay connected with their constituents30 percent more likely to enroll than those accepted students who did not join the community.

The Trailblazer Persi honors organizations using the newest additions to the Personify suite of solutions or leveraging a multi-product line approach to improve every area of their business.

This year’s winner, the Society for Hospital Medicine, has leveraged Community, Personify360 and PersonifyGO to connect hospital professionals to each other and resources toward universally improving patient care.

The Society for Hospital Medicine uses these platforms to manage and measure their member’s experience on multiple levels, allowing their staff to understand constituents’ needs so they can better serve their mission.

The Impact award recognizes customers who create meaningful impact and accelerate their mission through a holistic management of their constituents.

The YMCA of the Triangle received our Impact Persi for Personify360 for their dedication to strengthening the foundations of the community they serve. YMCA of the Triangle leverages Personify360 to manage multiple business needs including membership, programs, fund development and utilizing our reporting tool to understand how to better engage with its members.

As a result, the YMCA of the Triangle increased their annual campaigns and drove growth across the organization, fueling their ability to build new branches and expand across the region. This allowed them to better serve their communities and achieve their global mission of a healthy spirit, mind and body for all.

Our next winner has achieved marquee success in using Small World Community. The National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) received the Impact Persi for Community for their continuous dedication to the development, intellectual growth and physical well-being of our country’s youth. Using multiple communities, the NASSP’s active and vibrant communities empower, educate and connect schools and student leaders around the goal of championing for and fulfilling of student potential.

We recognized Farmers Inspired with our Impact Persi for Wild Apricot for leveraging multiple functionalities on the Wild Apricot platform to further their mission of advancing the agritourism industry. By managing their annual convention and learning retreats through Wild Apricot’s event module, they have been able to cut hours of manual work and create a fully streamlined experience for their members. They have also integrated many of the website gadgets such as a blog, a members-only resource center and event calendar, attracting farmers all across the country who are as passionate as they are about their mission.Increased their annual campaigns and drove growth across the organization, fueling their ability to build new branches and expand across the region.

Community Excellence
Finally, our Community Excellence Persi recognizes unprecedented achievement in developing community through fostering advocacy, vibrancy and collaboration to meet organizational goals and deliver impactful results.

This year’s recipient is The Alzheimer’s Association who jumped to the third largest Peer to Peer fundraiser in the nation last year. They did this by leveraging the community for training, resources, sharing of best practices and general collaboration between headquarters, chapter staff and committee volunteers through the entire Walk to End Alzheimer’s event lifecycle. This amazing event raises funds for awareness, support, care and research.

This is just a sample of the amazing things our clients are doing every day. Your stories inspire us and continually keeps me, and the entire Personify family, motivated to find better ways to support your incredible work. Please continue to share with us your stories of impact and innovation and how, through technology, you are propelling your missions forward.