This Valentine’s Day we’re drawing a little inspiration from Cupid’s bow, taking aim at the PersoniFest 2019 agenda to play matchmaker between our amazing collection of sessions and attendees looking for an experience they won’t forget.

Whether you’re a CEO ISO strategic sessions for long-term inspiration, a membership manager who wants to avoid getting ghosted during renewal season or an accounting director looking for F2F ways to streamline finance operations IRL, let us introduce you to the breakout sessions that will spark your passions.


You’re the big picture thinker with access to all the fish in the sea. Which sessions should you consider for a reel-y great PersoniFest? This year’s Leadership & Strategy track has been thoughtfully curated to support nonprofit leaders as they drive transformation within their organizations:

  • Join renowned nonprofit research authority Tom Lehman as we explore the issues top of mind with nonprofit executives in leading organizations, investigate harder-to-identify long term trends and other topics driving c-suite conversations in The Strategic Imperative: The Evolution of Technology and Nonprofits.
  • See trends in action, with first-hand perspective from American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) Executive Director Ann Turner, as she shares how her team has successfully navigated growth, changing environments and evolution with Better Together: Challenges, Successes and Lessons Learned after 15 Years with Personify.
  • Take a page from the playbook of industry-leaders and learn how to marry technology and proven best practices with Hypergrowth! Best-in-SaaS Techniques for Building your Membership Organization, led by Personify’s Vice President of Products, Shiv Narayanan.
  • Learn best practices to navigating change with Vanessa Dennison, Principal for Dennison & Associates in Training for Change: Techniques in Change Management where she will share how behavior change concepts from coaching can be applied to the implementation and introduction of a new AMS for game-changing results.

Membership & Marketing

When it comes to relationships, nobody does it better! Our membership and marketing professionals are not only experts in the laws of attraction but are fluent in the love languages designed to deepen engagement and keep constituents married to their mission. From the first blush through long-term commitment, this year’s PersoniFest has sessions with practical tips and proven techniques:

  • Have you ever wondered whether Google could help you grow your organization? Join Wild Apricot digital marketing experts, Donald Cowper and Ellen Craig, as they draw on years of inbound marketing and advertising success to share 3 Ways to use Google to Grow Your Membership.
  • Acquire new contacts and build brand awareness while you sleep? It may sound too good to be true but it’s not. Join Personify Content Manager Tatiana Morand to learn The Three Keys to Growing Your Organization with Content
  • See how organizations like the American Pharmacists Association and American Association of Individual Investors used data to optimize the member experience across on-boarding, engagement and renewal with Maneesha Manges, Director at HighRoad Solutions in Enhancing the Member Experience Through Data Driven Insights.
  • Boost your non-dues revenue streams with techniques retailers have long relied on for online success with Ecommerce Best Practices and Tips to Boost Non-Dues Revenue with American Eagle’s Digital Strategist Will Levenson and Partner Marketing Manager Steven LaGrow.


Hey technologists, is your name Google? Because you’re everything we’ve been searching for. At the risk of being bold, IT attendees are just our type! This year PersoniFest is feeling a real connection, both with the technology professionals who have long attended the event for tips and tricks, and between the growing number of solutions powering organizations. In addition to our popular Developer Day event, don’t miss:

  • How Marc Bernstein, Director of IT for the American Society of Anesthesiologists, helped his team streamline internal data requests, keep information clean and power robust reports with It’s in the Hub! A 360-Degree View Across Applications
  • The journey National Association of Secondary School Principals Director of Information Services Meta Thsilombo and her team undertook to Improve Efficiency and Gain Flexibility: Integrating WordPress and Personify.
  • A practical approach to managing and modernizing the different access and authentication protocols and a sneak preview of a new feature within Personify 360 in SSO 2.0 Modernizing Your Customer Identity Management with Personify’s Vice President of Engineering Manmeet Duggal.
  • A solid framework that allows you to realize the strategic value of big data delivered by these interconnected systems while meeting an increasingly complex labyrinth of legal obligations in Create a Data-Driven Compliance Strategy with Erin McClarty of Erin McClarty, PLLC.

Accounting & Finance

Debits are left, credits are right – when it comes to accounts, it’s love at first sight! It’s accrual world without our finance friends in the mix and we think our 2019 agenda for finance professionals is priceless, with:

  • Our popular Dollars & Sense: Accounting Tips and Tricks Roundtable with tips, tricks and hacks to improve efficiencies and streamline operations using Personify360.
  • Real-world examples of how the National Association of Secondary School Principal’s leveraged technology to Transform Your Accounting Operations with Lockbox led by Mark Lamont, Director of Customer Care and Minna Cavanaugh, Accounts Receivable Manager.
  • Words of wisdom for organizations ready to get fiscal, with a look at Healthy Habits: Credit Card Processing & Payments
  • Advice, lessons learned and how-to’s on how to increase visibility across all areas of organizational performance with Maximum Returns: Next-Level Financial Reporting

But that’s not all! In addition to all of the great programming noted above, our keynotes and networking events, this year PersoniFest went the extra mile to ensure there were no broken hearts, expanding our breakout sessions to include content designed to support:

Show Managers

Are you an event, expo or exhibits professional on your first date with PersoniFest? We’ve got a sweetheart of a deal for you, with the inclusion of heart-stopping programming from our a2z team and their amazing MindShare series, including:

  • Becoming Data Wizards to Expand Your Events
  • Maximize Your AMS & Exposition Management Solution
  • EventTech: Utilizing Event Technology Trends to Engage Constituents
  • Best in Show, Event Success from a2z

Community Managers

If we could rearrange the letters in community we’d put ‘u’ and ‘I’ together. PersoniFest 2019 is a great way to connect with other community leaders and not only dip your toe into what’s new with the product, but also some of the ways others are using Community to take relationships with donors and members to the next level such as:

  • Volunteer Engagement: Leveraging Technology to Give Volunteers What They Need
  • Online Community for Youth and Advocacy
  • Targeted Messaging in Community
  • Capturing Engagement, Showing Results: Community, Reporting and Data Collection

Health & Wellness Leaders

Last year it became a-parent that we needed to schedule some quality time with our YMCA and JCC organizations who were looking for a little love. Join us at PersoniFest 2019 for exciting health and wellness sessions including:

  • Childcare & Daycamp Roundtable
  • 3rd Party Integrations for Health & Wellness Organizations
  • Secret Functionality for Health & Wellness Organizations
  • Personify360 for Health & Wellness Training