We’re grateful for all members of our PersoniFam — including YOU

It’s that time of the year again — road trips to visit our favorite people, tables filled with our favorite foods and time to reflect and appreciate some of our favorite moments of the year.

We have to start by saying we’re thankful for YOU.

Associations and nonprofits have always been foundational to the success of our communities. But for the last few years, our clients have really stepped up and brought hope and resources to communities struggling through a pandemic, social distancing, remote work and learning, job displacement and more.

So thank you for being you and choosing to partner with Personify.

The Personify team shares what they’re grateful for this season

In addition to our clients, we asked the Personify team to share what they’re thankful for this season, and the answers ranged from celebrating big life milestones, the easing up of social distancing and Disney+, just to name a few things.

Good health and wonderful family and friends.”

“I am grateful for continued growth and learning. I am fortunate to be surround by curious, insightful minds professionally and personally and those people keep me expanding my limits and challenging my ideas.”

I am grateful to be spending the holidays IN PERSON with my family again! After two years of smaller gatherings, I’m going all out this year. I will be that house on the street that went bananas with the Christmas lights and holiday decor.”

I’m thankful for a supportive bunch of coworkers. I think we’re very lucky here at Personify and on the Growth team knowing that we have each others’ backs and we care about each other as people with full lives, not just people we work with.”

Family. Family. Family. Snuggles with kids. Health. Good Fortune. Support. Community. COVID Vaccines. Blessings – big and small. Wearing comfy clothes to work. Good music. New Dreams. Inspiration. Little joys. Family. Family. Family. My Dog. This survey to make me stop and reflect. Life, itself. Disney + Beautiful Scenery. Kindness. Hope.”

“The support from my team! As a baby to the PersoniFam it’s incredible to have extremely hardworking people surrounding me, giving advice, insight, and forgiveness when necessary. So thankful to work alongside the marketing team!”

“I am thankful for all the opportunities and individuals 2022 has given me. This year started for me in a completely different city, different job, and a different outlook on life than I do now. I’ve grown so much in 11 short months and I feel like I’m starting to figure out life a bit more. I’m thankful for the support of family, friends, and colleagues as I’ve made big life decisions and taken risks. Overall, this year has made me appreciate people more. From having friends move me into a new apartment up 2 flights of stairs in 95+ degree summer heat, to my mom always taking to time to answer my phone calls – people have been there when I’ve needed them. I’m looking forward to connecting more with those I love in 2023 and making new friendships that will last the years.”

Have a safe start to your holiday season!

However you choose to celebrate Thanksgiving and the holiday season, we’re wishing you safe travels, the yummiest of foods and limited family drama.