On Wednesday, August 31, 2022, Personify announced the acquisition of GTR Event Technology.

The following is an FAQ list to address questions raised by either Personify or GTR clients.

Q: Who is Personify?

Personify partners with associations, chambers of commerce, charities, event organizers, health and wellness facilities, educational institutions, and other purpose-driven organizations to help them manage and grow their communities. Personify’s Community Experience Platform combined with their professional service offerings benefit organizations of any size and at any stage of growth. For more information, visit https://personifycorp.com/.

Personify is a remote-first company headquartered in Austin, Texas with additional offices in Atlanta, Georgia, Columbia, Maryland and Toronto, Ontario. The PersoniFam is made up of over 300 employees located across the United States and Canada.

Q: Who is GTR?

Since 1995, Event Planners have chosen GTR for leading technology, exceptional service, and overall value. GTR provides the conference and tradeshow industry with technology designed to improve and simplify every event. With their all-in-one event management platform, end-to-end support, global reach, and eye on innovation, GTR has powered over 12,000 events around the world. For more information, visit gtrnow.com. Events are hard, GTR makes them simple.

Q: Where can I find out more about Personify?

Additional information about Personify can be found by visiting: https://personifycorp.com/

Q: Where can I find out more about GTR?

Additional information about GTR can be found by visiting: https://gtrnow.com/ 

Q: Why did Personify acquire GTR?

The acquisition of GTR allows Personify to offer a complete event management platform for organizers of trade shows, conferences, corporate meetings, and other events of all variations and sizes.

Attendees will enjoy a seamless experience of Personify’s event website and online registration, event check-in and badge printing, and a mobile conference app. Event organizers, exhibitors, and sponsors can generate more revenue and productivity from trade show floor planning, lead retrieval, matchmaking, exhibitor and sponsor marketing, attendance tracking, and data reporting and analytics.

Q: What are Personify’s company values?

Whether you have partnered with Personify for many years or will be a new client through this acquisition, we’d like to share our eight guiding principles:

  1. Accountability – we’ll say what we do, and we’ll do what we say. 
  2. Curiosity – we seek other perspectives and better ways of doing things. 
  3. Service – exceptional value and service provide a place where colleagues and customers want to be. 
  4. Equity – we value fairness and strive for diversity and inclusion. 
  5. Forgiveness – we assume good intentions and learn from our mistakes. 
  6. Optimism – we believe things are possible with a positive attitude and will. 
  7. Simplicity – we work harder to make things easier. 
  8. Transparency – it’s fundamental to build trust, teamwork and understanding. 

Q: Do we plan to integrate the companies or operate them as separate units?

We will integrate the Personify and GTR organizations, systems, and products as we have done with previous acquisitions in order to enhance the value of our Community Experience Platform.

An exceptional client experience is at the center of our product, service and organizational integration. Some clients may be anxious about GTR’s acquisition and integration. By anticipating and responding to our clients’ needs as we integrate, we will accelerate growth and improve client satisfaction at the same time. 

Q: How will Personify clients be impacted?

The addition of GTR to Personify’s Community Experience Platform further enables our mission of helping our clients to manage and grow their communities. Our clients often want us to serve all their technology needs including event, association, and community engagement technology. GTR’s products now allow Personify to be a single source.

Q: How will GTR clients be impacted?

Being part of Personify’s Community Experience Platform will expand the audience of those who will now consider GTR’s products for their event management technology needs. GTR’s market has immediately expanded. GTR will now serve a broader variety of associations, chambers, and trade show and event organizers with an exceptional event experience. GTR clients can now enjoy all that Personify’s products offer them, as well.

Q: I’m a current GTR client, will my Client Success Manager change?

No, Personify’s intent is to retain GTR staff in similar roles with similar responsibilities. For your experience with us – it’s business as usual!

Q: Where will the combined company be located?

Personify is a remote-first company. We believe that work is wherever our staff is located in the United States and Canada. Personify’s headquarters is in Austin, Texas. Personify also has additional office spaces in Atlanta, Georgia, Columbia, Maryland and in Toronto, Ontario. 

However, this will not change any level of service provided to our clients. Personify has seen great success and benefitted from the ability to attract highly talented employees and reach more clients by operating as a remote-first company.

Q: When and how were Personify and GTR clients notified? 

Current Personify clients who are opted-in to receive email communications were notified on August 31, 2022 via email sent from Personify CEO, Scott Collison.

GTR clients who are opted-in to receive email communications from GTR were notified on August 31, 2022 via email from Travis Tucker, former CEO of GTR, now Head of Events Business Strategy for Personify.

Q: I’m a GTR client, when will I expect to receive communications from Personify?

Our companies are beginning an integration process which may take several months. In the meantime, GTR will continue business operations as normal. GTR staff may begin communicating with you via their new personifycorp.com email address in the coming weeks following the acquisition, as well as other communications that will change over time.

If you’d like to start receiving communications from Personify right now, GTR clients are invited to opt-in to Personify communications, including event management topics, anytime by visiting the Personify Preference Center.

Q: I’m a current Personify client, how do I opt-in to receive email communications from Personify?

You can opt-in or update your communication preferences anytime by visiting the Personify Preference Center.

Q: Are any products being discontinued as a result of this acquisition? 

GTR is complementary to Personify, with products focused on areas of the market that Personify products do not currently address.

GTR provides solutions for online registration, badge printing, attendance tracking and lead retrieval. Personify’s event management solutions include floorplan management, expo management, matchmaking and online registration.

All Personify and GTR products and services will continue to be offered and supported as we evaluate which product strategy best serves our clients.

Q: How can I learn more about Personify’s event management technologies?

You can learn more about Personify’s event management technologies during the upcoming webinar “Better Together: The Future of Event Management with GTR, A2Z Events and Personify” on September 20 at 12:30 ET. To register for the webinar, click here.