Making the most of Instagram


Another channel? More places to post content, sites and logins to manage? Insta in the Wild

I get it. If you’re a nonprofit lean on time and resources, it can feel like you’ve tried everything — emails, printed magazines, Facebook events — in an attempt to break through. Yet new research from Personify’s recent Member Experience 2.0 omnichannel report suggests that Instagram could be the key, with multiple member groups citing it as the most effective social media channel.

Indeed, since its debut in 2010 Instagram has grown to over 1 billion monthly active users, 71% of whom are under the age of 35 making it one of the most powerful channels with Millennials and Gen Z – a trend we noticed and documented in our Young Members 2.0 report and shared thoughts on in this blog post.

The numbers offer additional compelling evidence of Instagram also boasts impressive engagement metrics, with over 60 percent of users logging in each day, second only to Facebook for the most engaged daily users. Users spend an average of 32 minutes on the app per day (more time than many people spend showering, eating, or doing other daily activities) and they’re not just scrolling through images. Instagram has a very high user interaction rate. According to a 2016 Forrester report, Instagram has a 2.2 percent per-follower interaction rate. That beats the other social networks – including Facebook with its 0.22 percent rate.

Nonprofits of all kinds have taken notice, using Instagram to share behind-the-scenes content designed to make their organization more accessible, high-impact visual proof of the value they’re delivering to their constituents and community, images designed to inspire action and more.

However, sharing the right content is only half the battle. Instagram is used to post over 55 million photos and videos per day. In June 2018, the site reported 49,830 photos were posted per minute. Moreover, 53 percent of users report following their favorite brand on Instagram and it has grown into the second most commonly used social media platform for marketers.

Constituents want to hear from you but in a sea of friends, influencers and commercial brands how can you make sure your Instagram content doesn’t get lost in their feed?

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