Episode 14:

Reggie Henry joined ASAE in November of 1994. His responsibilities are to implement “exemplary” systems at ASAE that can serve as a model to the rest of the association community and to “ratchet-up” the use and understanding of technology among ASAE members. He has been working with and/or for non-profit organizations since 1985.

Mr. Henry speaks regularly on technology and strategy issues. Some of his most recent speaking engagements include the 2019 Empire State Leadership Conference, 2019 Digital Now Conference, 2019 Virginia Society of Association Executives Annual Meeting, 2018 New England Society of Associations Technology Conference (keynote), 2018 Community Brands Xperience Conference, 2018 Association Forum SmartTech Conference (keynote), and the 2018 International Association of Scholarly, Technical, and Medical Publishers Annual North American Conference. In 2009 he was invited by the Secretary of Smithsonian to participate in Smithsonian 2.0, a Gathering to Re-Imagine the Smithsonian in the Digital Age. Reggie was recently named one of the top 40 CIOs in DC-MD-VA area.

Mr. Henry holds a B.S. in Economics and Computer Science from Georgetown University. Mr. Henry regularly serves on associations’ boards, most recently Educause and the National Association of Colleges and Employers. He enjoys cooking, drawing, pottery, and golf.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Reggie Henry’s role as CIO of ASAE and how he got there
  • How Reggie Henry is changing the way that associations do memberships
  • The impact of technology on interacting with members and constituents
  • Why putting your employees first will allow you to get the most out of them
  • How Reggie’s personal culture shows up at work
  • ASAE’s role as the “association’s association”
  • How Reggie presents new technology and strategies to the association industry without bias
  • How associations and nonprofits are leveraging technology
  • How the technology landscape and other trends have affected the association industry in the last five years

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