Episode 32:

Mark Bogdansky is the Vice President of Meetings and Events for the Auto Care Association. Bogdansky oversees all trade shows for the Auto Care Association, its segments, committees, and managed associations, including the AAPEX and HDAW shows. His responsibilities include strategic planning, trade show management, partner and vendor relationships, contract negotiation, and on-site logistics.

Prior to joining the Auto Care Association in November 2016, Bogdansky worked on the conventions for the National Retail Federation and Heart Rhythm Society. Prior to that, Mark was a high school teacher and college basketball coach. He is an active member of the International Association of Exhibitions and Events, and currently serves on its Advocacy Committee. He has also served on multiple industry advisory boards and committees and spoken at several industry events.

Raised in Boston, Bogdansky graduated from Yeshiva University in New York, with a bachelor of arts in mathematics and a minor in business. He lives with his wife and son in Maryland.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Mark discusses the work of the Auto Care Association, representing every business in the supply chain that keep cars on the road
  • How the Auto Care Association has assisted member organizations with navigating the challenges posed by the pandemic
  • How Mark and the team at the International Association of Exhibitions and Events successfully pulled off their 2020 Exhibitions Day virtual event
  • What future advocacy efforts IAEE will be pursuing going forward relating to the COVID-19 crisis and its impact on the industry
  • Why part of the IAEE’s role is to educate lawmakers and policymakers on the industry’s concerns and needs
  • What key lessons Mark and the team at IAEE learned when taking their annual event to a virtual space
  • Why safety is at the heart of what Auto Care Association and IAEE are doing, and why they are working to support their members through keeping everyone safe as well
  • What big wins and upsides Mark has noticed from the switch to virtual events, and why hybrid virtual/in-person events are going to be powerful going forward
  • How the Auto Care Association’s AAPEX 2020 trade show is evolving into an entirely new experience, both in response to COVID and due to new innovations and opportunities
  • Why the secret to creating an experience for your attendees is to focus on creating engaging, interactive concepts

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