Episode 23:

Joy Duling has been working with leaders of associations, trade groups and nonprofits since 2005. She has also walked the same journey, serving for nearly 10 years as the Executive Director of a membership-based nonprofit which she helped launch from scratch and led to annual revenues of more than $1M exclusively from membership contributions.

Joy has been widely recognized as a speaker, an online educator and a trusted advisor, twice winning the “Unsung Hero Award” from the National Association of Women Business Owners’ Central Illinois Chapter. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Social Work with Specialization in Policy, Planning and Administration. She has extensive experience in strategic planning, team facilitation, change management, and association operations.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Joy initially got involved in nonprofits after originally planning on going into medicine, and how Joy’s desire to help others was the common thread
  • Why working with multiple nonprofit organizations allows Joy to create many positive ripple effects from her work
  • How Joy’s work with three unique and particular nonprofit organizations showcase her passion for helping others
  • What advice Joy would offer to nonprofits who are struggling to progress, and why keeping a focus on the member or donor experience is vital
  • Why nonprofit leaders need to adapt their strategies to make stronger connections with constituents and members
  • Why the constituent experience is a common roadblock that many organizations face, and why it is important to demonstrate the value you create to the people you serve
  • Why you should consider what your constituents’ aspirations are, what questions they may have about your work, and what emotional state they are in
  • Why a misalignment between what an organization is offering and what a community is needing can cause community disengagement
  • Why you should focus on your constituents’ aspirations first, and why once you understand their aspirations you can begin shaping your message and offerings
  • Why you can focus on these three questions at any time and at any period of your organization’s lifespan

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