Episode 4:

A recognized leader in developing and launching innovative, online programs Amanda Myers brings 20 years of experience to her role as Director of Product Growth with Austin-based Personify. Her broad background includes developing highly engaging national campaigns, online tools and loyalty initiatives for household brands including Land’s End, Cars.com, Enfamil, Marvel and Samsung. The last seven years have seen Myers leverage this expertise to empower thousands of associations in driving similar levels of success with a strong focus on helping leaders understand their membership data, optimize their engagement and embrace new technologies for exceptional results. Myers has previously shared her passion for the nonprofit sector with audiences in speaking engagements at CESSE, ASAE MM&C and ASAE Annual.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How to compel younger generations to be apart of your NFP
  • Moving into e-commerce with the charity and nonprofit market
  • The psychology behind online behaviors of nonprofit audiences
  • Distinguishing charities, nonprofits, and associations and their digital strategies
  • Challenges that nonprofit organizations face now and in the future
  • Leveraging data and market information to create long-term strategies that serve your members
  • The importance of leadership investing in their own systems, tools, and programs to increase efficiency
  • How to create meaningful interactions between your organization and your members

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