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As nonprofits balance the risks and challenges of a global pandemic, there is an ever-growing need to capture and retain the attention of their advocates, donors, volunteers and members, and digital engagement has taken on new importance. We’ve also witnessed powerful social movements that have gained extraordinary momentum as hundreds of thousands of Americans join together to fight racial injustice and systemic racism.

The wave of activism following the murder of George Floyd has left many political activism and racial justice groups flooded with new members, donors and volunteers. According to a recent New York Times article, Color of Change, which is one of the largest online racial justice groups in the U.S., grew from 1.7 to 7 million members and received “hundreds of thousands of individual donations” in a matter of days.

So, where do nonprofits go from here? How do you reach new prospective members in a world that is suddenly flooded with information and calls to action? How do you keep up with a growing membership that is eager to learn, donate or engage?

Getting Your Members Active Online

Digital engagement has become a solution to a short-term need, but also a key strategy for long-term success. An elective digital engagement strategy strengthens your relationship with your members by meeting them where they are and delivering a relevant and compelling experience.

Personify’s experts share more about how to leverage your data to create powerful digital engagement opportunities to mobilize your movement.

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How to Turn Your Members Into Donors

So, you’ve recruited new members, welcomed them into an active online community to interact and engage, and now you’re ready to take the next step – turning a member into a donor. Nonprofits often struggle to navigate between collecting membership dues and asking for additional supplementary donations. If your organization isn’t membership-based, or your memberships are free, how and when do you ask for donations? There’s plenty of debate on the current best practices for converting members into donors; however, there are generally three key tips that any fundraiser will agree can help further your organization’s cause:

  • Bridge the gap
  • Make it easy
  • Be intentional with your messaging
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The Value of Volunteers

As your membership grows, your fundraising efforts and volunteer base are proportionately impacted as well. While fundraising is relatively simple to track and report on, the gift of time from your volunteers is a trickier data point to measure. Understanding the monetary value of volunteers to your organization brings focus to the big picture. Volunteers remain a tremendous resource for both donor- and member-focused nonprofits. Absent volunteers, many organizations would be unable to deliver programs, raise funds, or serve clients.
Yet a recent survey of nonprofit professionals suggests 45 percent of organizations don’t measure the impact of volunteers – and they may be missing out on a huge opportunity. Are you?

Learn more about the value of volunteers and how to:

  • Recognize the unique value volunteers bring to their roles to lay the groundwork for a rewarding experience
  • Create value for volunteers with variety of defined roles, ensuring they find fulfillment in their work and keep coming back for more
  • Quantify the value of volunteers with an easy, hard-numbers approach to understanding the cost savings they provide
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