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Even in our digital age, personal connections matter. Perhaps even more so in the wake of COVID-19 and the need for us all to physically distance. Personify has curated a number of virtual engagement tools that allow you to still connect during this time. Now more than ever, you need to be there for your constituents. We’re committed to helping you adapt to the change and emerge from COVID-19 or any crises, more connected and resilient than ever.

And then when we’re ready to be back in person, we’re here for you. Because we know events aren’t easy. Increasingly, events provide not only the opportunity for engagement but to stand apart from the norm. Break free from the planning hassles and focus on the things that matter most; building highly interactive, personalized experiences across all your event channels.

Personify is ready to help with decades of experience, a team committed to success, a long history of innovation and outstanding work— what we do gets results. Your event is our priority.

Our powerful, intuitive suite of event management tools deliver complete planning control through a single system. Event teams enjoy effortless management and high performance, with streamlined transparency across every stage of your event. Learn how our award-winning events solutions can:

  • Support Flawless Event Production: Give staff peace of mind and attendees an experience they’ll never forget all while surpassing your growth targets via a reliable, proven platform that always delivers.
  • Amplify Revenue: Boost the profitability of your show with tools to manage costs, streamline booth sales and speed collection of payments with minimal effort.
  • Demonstrate Value: Effortlessly and efficiently deliver high ROI for conference attendees and exhibitors, with opportunities to proactively connect, plan and optimize their time at your event – before, during and after, across channels and devices.
  • Empower Data-Driven Decisions: Understand your performance every step of the way, translating event data into actionable insights and connect events to business results.

Resources for Event Professionals

Quick Start Guide to Virtual Events

This Guide shares ways for organizers and event professionals to jump start your strategic planning efforts for a virtual world, including:

  • Pre-Planning Strategies
  • The 5Ps of Virtual Events (people, pricing, placement, promotion and partners).
  • Building Your Programming
  • Post Event Evaluation

Regardless of your event size, this guide is a must for any organization considering a virtual approach.

Virtual Events Engagement Calculator

As you start investigating virtual or hybrid experiences, many organizers are unsure of the level of engagement they can expect and ROI for their exhibitors.We are here to help!

The Virtual Events Engagement calculator can help you understand the potential for key benchmarking data points such as leads generated and appointments created, crucial to quantify success for both exhibitors and show organizers alike.

Meet Our Events Clients

Association of Government Accountants

The Association of Government Accountants wanted to better integrate technology into its events and worked with Personify’s A2Z Events to introduce a mobile app that was used by more than 75 percent of attendees.

American Academy of Neurology

The American Academy of Neurology wanted to modernize its process for selling sponsorships at its annual meeting and used Personify’s A2Z Events to achieve $2.8 million in sponsorships within the first 1.5 hours of launching a new sponsorships platform.

Engage attendees, delight exhibitors and grow your events in ways you never thought possible.