If you think consumer behavior isn’t influencing your constituents and their perception of the value your organization delivers, think again. All of us have become accustomed to what retailers dubbed the omni-channel experience, where a shopper engages through a series of channels to complete a transaction. Whether it’s the appliance you started researching online and bought in store, or the beauty product you saw on the shelf and purchased via the web after reading reviews, the importance of a consistent experience designed to help the end user accomplish a goal has never been more important.

Join Personify as we share the results of our latest research, including:

  • An overview of the multichannel and omnichannel trends influencing the ways your members engage with you – and with each other
  • The important role each channel plays at the different stages of the membership journey, from young Gen Z members just joining to Boomers who are a long-standing part of your organization
  • Which are the most effective channels for getting your message across with different generations and the ones that work best together
  • How to achieve the right balance between digital outreach and traditional media
  • ….and much more