Successful organizations are focused on growth – That could mean driving more event attendance, growing the customer base, supporting retention goals, or even driving growth into new products and services. Finding these opportunities for growth depends on data insights and the ability to understand which customer segments have the highest opportunity for conversion.

This webinar will explain how data analytics can be used to help your organization drive more revenue, while lowering costs. Taking data that is spread out across your organization, you can start to build a 360-degree view of your business that will influence how you make decisions. When tasked with growth and increased conversions, it’s no longer enough to repeat what you did last year and hope for different results. You need data insights to understand what programs are performing and which ones need to be sunset. We’ll present case studies from Personify clients and share examples of how organizations use data analytics to make more confident decisions that grow revenue.

  • Learn to use data analytics to find additional revenue opportunities
  • Discover how to improve results by diving into the data your association already has collected
  • Learn how to create data-driven strategies that are aligned with key business and financial outcomes