865 million fake news posts.

87 million accounts with their information sold.

User rates shrinking by 20 percent in key demographics.

Social media is an important part of any organization’s outreach and engagement strategy but if you’re relying on social alone for your online community it may be time to reconsider. Community is about building a loyal following, growing and cultivating a supportive environment while helping members and furthering your organization’s mission and strategic initiatives. It’s connecting your constituents to the causes they’re passionate about, creating opportunities to share information, learn from one another and deepen relationships.

And in a social media world overcrowded with messages and controversy, and where pay-to-play is increasingly important, creating that experience for your members can be hard to do.

Whether you’re heavily invested in hosting your online community on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, feel increasingly uncomfortable putting all your eggs in the social media basket or already recognize a private community may be right for you, we’re here to help.

Join Personify as we:

Explore the differences between community and social media – and discuss which channel may be best for what activity

Investigate the limitations of a social-media-only approach to online community

Discover how to enjoy the best of both worlds, using a private community to drive action and social media to get people there