As a member-focused organization, your association management technology is the heart of your business. A good association management system (AMS) allows you to manage your organization’s data within a single platform, empowering your organization with the insights and tools to work smarter and focus resources on your mission, not your technology.
For these reasons and more, selecting the right AMS is a significant operational undertaking and represents a major investment of financial and human capital, both upfront and through ongoing maintenance and support expenses. No project of this scope is completely trouble-free but following a well-thought-out process and asking the right questions up front can help you avoid unnecessary complications.
Watch here as we are joined by Teri Carden, Founder of ReviewMyAMS, and Erin Geoffroy, Senior Marketing Manager at Personify, to help guide you through the following steps to select the right technology for your organization:
  • Understanding your needs and establishing requirements
  • Drafting a clear, thoughtful request for proposals
  • Creating an effective a process for evaluating and selecting a vendor