As we work to adapt to the rapidly-changing landscape, it can be helpful to reflect on what drives constituents to join, participate and engage in the first place. They’re looking to make connections with people and, while the delivery channel may change across interactions, those relationships are still crucial. The most successful organizations are working to develop those relationships by transforming traditional membership from a transactional interaction into a complete experience.

But this can be challenging. Marketing General Incorporated’s 2019 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report saw only 45% of associations surveyed saw an increase in their membership, down 3% year over year. Some are struggling to develop meaningful relationships with their constituents – a problem driven by the lack of a cohesive experience, one that will only be amplified by the temporary halt of a proven tactic like in-person events.

That leaves us with a question – how do you create, foster and integrate experience-based strategies to maximize your membership, events and community growth? Join us for a free webinar, hosted by Personify’s Amanda Myers to learn how you can quickly adapt and continue to take your experiences with your constituents to the next level.

During the webinar, you’ll explore concepts in:

• Reinventing and growing experiences through communication, personalization and alignment
• The critical role of a compelling and relevant experience in acquiring new clients
• How experience continues to drive the evolution of trusted engagement methods, while propelling new ones forward
• The experience ecosystem: your technology backbone