The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the way we buy groceries, consume media and purchase household items… including toilet paper, of course. These changing behaviors are affecting associations and nonprofits, many of whom are ramping up their digital efforts to be able to deliver more value and better support members during this challenging time. We are all spending more time online and associations have an opportunity to revisit their Ecommerce strategies in this evolving landscape.

This isn’t entirely new. Even before the Coronavirus, revenue diversification was important for associations. According to ASAE, while 96% of revenue for an association came from membership dues in 1953, today that number is only 41% for trade associations and 34% for professional associations.

As your members’ behaviors are changing, and dues make up a smaller portion of your overall revenue, isn’t it time you took a look at ways to increase your financial stability?

Join Personify, hosted by Erin Sullivan, Director of Marketing at Personify, and Will Levenson, Director of Sales at, to learn how organizations can develop a strategy that delivers more value to members and helps diversify their revenue streams.

During the webinar, you’ll explore concepts in:

  • Ecommerce best practices and revenue strategies for the short- and long-term health of your organization
  • Options and ideas to support members who are furloughed or have been laid off
  • How to maximize the online shopping experience and leverage buying insights to improve your programs and offerings for members