Exhibitors want more.

Attendees want more.

Everyone wants more.

From industry data and survey feedback, it is clear that audiences have new (and higher) expectations. As events are more judiciously considered on their return on time, value, and investment – organizers must adjust for this new normal (your 2019 tool kit won’t cut it).  

What is the new normal? What are these critical audiences demanding?    

Join Rich Vallaster, CEM, DES, Director of Marketing and Events at A2Z Events by Personify and special guest Marlys Arnold, Author and Host of the Trade Show Insights Blog & Podcast, for our fast-paced webinar, “Event Manager’s Master Class,” on Tuesday, May 2 at 1:30 EST.    

They’ll help you build your 2023 event manager toolkit:   

  • What’s Hot and What’s Not in 2023 
  • Key data and insights for strategic planning.  
  • Leveraging and maximizing expectations of today’s exhibitors and sponsors and attendees and speakers
  • Generating new opportunities for community and connections. 
  • Creating memorable experiences for new and younger audiences. 
  • And most important, generating revenue for your event. 

Whether you are a seasoned professional with a staff of many or a new #eventprof as a team of one, this master class is designed to cover the trends, tools, and tech needed by today’s professionals.  

We will also give away autographed copies of Build a Better Trade Show Image by Marlys Arnold to select participants. But, of course, you must attend live for your chance to receive a free copy!