The year 2020 has been a lot, hasn’t it? But it has also seen an increase in participation, volunteerism and activism in causes and movements that change the world for the better. Like many nonprofits, you may have felt overwhelmed with donations and volunteer requests from new supporters. But it’s also a and challenged to quickly engage new people, provide them with share resources and education, and mobilize your mission.

Join us for a free webinar hosted by Erin Sullivan, Director of Marketing at Personify, to learn how nonprofits can effectively engage their volunteers, donors and supporters during the pandemic.

During the webinar, you’ll explore concepts in:

  • The evolving landscape for nonprofits in a COVID-19 world and the social movements we’re witnessing
  • Best practices for organizations to engage their supporters from the very first interaction and how to continue be relevant through digital channels
  • A roundup of tools and technology that can help organizations be more efficient and effective with their limited resources