Combining trade show marketing with digital tools isn’t new. In the 2018 Marketing Spend Decision report by CEIR, 68% of marketers said they paired exhibiting with one or more digital marketing channels. That same report also showed attendees are looking for digital engagement. But the challenge is that most of those on either side of the aisle have never participated in a virtual trade show before.

Join Rich Vallaster, Director of Clients Relations at Personify and The Trade Show Wonk and his special guest, Marlys Arnold, Author of Build a Better Trade Show Image and Virtual Event Host & Concierge at the Exhibit Marketers Café, as they share how you can help your exhibitors and sponsors rethink and retool to succeed at your virtual events. Tips include:

  • Connecting with attendees pre-, during and post-event (both you and your exhibitors/sponsors) to create a robust conversation
  • Having essential behind-the-scenes support to guide both attendees and exhibitors/sponsors through the experience
  • Educating exhibitors/sponsors on how to engage and interact with a virtual audience
  • Implementing creative ideas to get attendees excited and involved