While year-long engagement for organizations has always been a top “wish list” item, the success of in-person meetings has been a barrier to implementation. Since many meetings, conferences, and events have been either canceled or reimagined to a virtual experience, the opportunities for meaningful connections have been highly diminished or evaporated altogether. As the pandemic has shown us, engaging audiences year-round is becoming imperative.
Join Rich Vallaster, Director of Clients Relations at Personify and The Trade Show Wonk, as he shares how events driven communities can accomplish larger organizational strategic initiatives while driving attendance and increasing satisfaction at your events, conferences and meetings. He will cover key concepts, including:
  • Education – How to leverage educational content and speakers for increased engagement, higher session satisfaction and improved attendance for webinars and virtual and hybrid events.
  • Networking – How to foster genuine and meaningful networking among various affinity groups, on relevant topics as well as products and services (from your exhibitors and industry partners) before, during and after your events.
  • Increase Attendance – How events communities boost attendance and drive earlier registration with less marketing resources.
  • Revenue – How to monetize your community and involve key exhibitors and sponsors in the development, growth and success of your community.
  • Market Intelligence – Understand the real-time information, analytics and data that event organizers can now have at their disposal with an events community.