Join Rich Vallaster, Director of Client Relations at Personify and the Tradeshow Wonk, as he shares key findings and a deeper understanding of the data on what members want and how to best engage them with your events as you plot the journey ahead.

Here’s a sneak peek of what survey respondents shared:

  • Virtual engagement is here to stay – As events move forward into 2021, members surveyed want options in choice of attendance as it was nearly split equally between preferences of in-person (33%), virtual (33%) and hybrid with 32%.
  • Virtual success – Members ranked virtual events as the number one activity that has “led to meaningful connections with their association.”
  • Events on pause? – 27% of organizations replaced their annual conference with a different type of event and 20% said that organization decided to forgo the in-person event altogether in 2020.
  • Events as part of member engagement – 91% said that it was valuable in meeting association members’ needs by having events.
  • Your digital networks are crucial – More than half of all survey respondents shared how important it is for an association to provide digital networking and community members. This will be a key strategy for hybrid events moving forward.
  • And much, much more.