When you’re a nonprofit, your focus is your mission. Acquiring new constituents, optimizing existing programs, introducing new offers, driving engagement, inspiring volunteers and making an impact come first while the technology working behind the scenes takes a back seat. It’s an understandable and common problem, but an issue that can create real long-term risk for your organization. Different tools are installed at different times to support different groups and different activities and before you know it? A tangled web of applications, inefficient processes and silos of data obscure critical information about your constituents and how they’re engaging.

Personify Community understands the importance of this visibility into your data. Our Community product comes standard with integrations to top Constituent Relationship Management (CRM), Constituent Engagement Management (CEM) tools and Donor Management Systems (DMS), ensuring key information from a member or donor’s community interactions and activities are captured and shared across systems.

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