They give the gift of time. And, as the old adage tells us, time is money.

Based on the total U.S. contribution of 7.8 billion volunteer hours, the most recent Corporation for National and Community Service data available, the 2017 value of volunteerism in the U.S. would have exceeded $192 billion. Understanding the monetary value of volunteers to your organization brings focus to the big picture.

Volunteers are a tremendous resource for both donor- and member-focused nonprofits. Absent volunteers, many organizations would be unable to deliver programs, raise funds, or serve clients. Yet a recent survey of nonprofit professionals suggests 45 percent of organizations don’t measure the impact of volunteers – and they may be missing out on a huge opportunity. Are you?

Learn more about the value of volunteers including how to recognize the unique value that volunteers bring to their roles, quantify their value with an easy, hard-number approach and ensure continued value with a set of strategies to keep them engaged with your organization.