In the 1986 film “Back to the Future,” Dr. Emmett Brown remarked to Marty McFly that you never know when or where a bolt of lightning will strike. Marty, with the perspective of his recent trip into the past responded, “We do now.”

Many organizations are taking a similar approach, going back to the future and turning their attention once again to online communities to provide members, donors, supporters and others with a feeling of belonging. They join a network of other people they can connect with based on shared interests and/or characteristics. They bring with them a rich awareness of what’s worked in social media and embrace the new capabilities of community platforms, which have done the same.

This eBook explores:

  • Trends driving digital engagement, including changes to keep an eye out for in your organization
  • The importance of improving access and the growing role of forums in engaging members on the go
  • Driving interaction, from opportunities for passive action to recognition and beyond
  • How community members can drive a more personalized experience – and new tools available to support organizations looking to bring it all together