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The Best Online Community Platform for Engaging Event Attendees, Exhibitors and Sponsors Year Round


Personify Community for Events allows member-based organizations and independent show organizers to create a dedicated space for event attendees, sponsors and exhibitors to communicate, engage and build meaningful relationships with one another before, during and after an event, conference or trade show.

Community for Events also supports virtual and hybrid events, expanding your organization’s reach and enhancing opportunities for additional revenue.

With Community for Events, easily host a branded online home for extending your organization’s ability to deliver quality in-person, virtual and hybrid events with better revenue generation, lasting attendee engagement, and increased attendee, exhibitor, and sponsor loyalty. Pricing is simple and affordable so you can host as many attendees as you can attract to your event.

Benefits of Using Community for Your Events

  • Engage event attendees year-round
  • Generate revenue through virtual or hybrid events
  • Improve event value and loyalty

What’s included in Community for Events?


Discussion Forums

Empower attendee collaboration, communication, sharing and feedback with online communities dedicated to the sustained success of your organization’s events, conferences and shows.


Allow attendees to quickly and easily see what’s going on in your community and interact with newsfeed content, including activity from forums, events, profile posts and file uploads. Great for attendees who are looking for the most important things up front.

Attendee/Exhibitor Profiles and Directories

Make sure all your attendees, exhibitors and sponsors are recognized and searchable so they can engage and network with one another, find contact details, and keep lines of communication open long after your event ends.

Live and On-Demand Video

Have a virtual or hybrid event? Run it through your dedicated event Community, which supports embedded videos, as well as integrations with Zoom, YouTube, and Vimeo. No longer do you have to choose between easy session delivery and meaningful event engagement. Now you can do both from one, easy-to-use online platform.

Easy Session Access

Whether you’re running a live virtual or hybrid event, or posting sessions after your in-person conference, access to sessions is a breeze in Community. Feature sessions on your Event Dashboard and allow attendees to arrange session options by track or category.


Badging, points-tracking and leaderboards keep attendees engaged and sharing. Cultivate super fans by using social recognition to reward users for engaging at a high level.

Event & Session Calendars

Share details with your audience about upcoming virtual and in-person events. Categorize each event appropriately for easy recognition and galvanize attendees around future opportunities to connect, learn and share.

Sponsor Ads

Generate additional revenue for your organization while expanding the exposure for your loyal sponsors, effectively making their investment in your organization or event more valuable.

Product Gallery

Using your community as a supplement or companion to your in-person trade show? Exhibitors are going to love this one. Set up an online product gallery or marketplace to showcase exhibitor products and services before, during and after your trade show.

Onboarding Tours

Your online community is stronger and more useful when visitors know how to use it. Walk event attendees through the process of getting the most out of your event community with custom guided experiences.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Get your attendees to the action faster and without frustration with our available SSO integration. Community for Events is a flexible tool that integrates with Personify’s four AMS solutions for a seamless member login experience.

Ready to make impossible connections possible by engaging event attendees year-round?

what is an online community?

Event Communities for Your Hybrid Events – It’s Time

If you read back through event trends and predictions blogs of the past several years, you will find many references to building online event communities to support in-person events.

So, what happened?

Continued success is what happened. Our traditional events continued to grow in both attendance and revenue. In addition, their relative predictability and reliability made them desirable for organizations, associations and independent show organizers of all sizes, many of whom events are often a large portion of their organization’s budget.

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