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Business Intelligence and Reporting Engine

Oversee all your events in a single database and create and compare cross-event reports in one global system with unlimited users. Simplify administrative tasks and provide exhibitors, speakers and attendees with the power of self-service.

Company Management & Contact Management

Robust contact collection options allow you to collect and confirm the roles of multiple contacts from an exhibiting company. Our system makes sure information and notifications about invoices, shipping and marketing reaches the right person.

Contractor Management/ Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Management

General service contractors, registration vendors and other suppliers use secure, access-based, self-service logins to access information they need without requiring any assistance from you or exposing sensitive data.

Financial Management

Manage all aspects of your exhibitor and sponsor financial information with our powerful financial management tools. Set up your general ledger codes with ease to track and manage all transactions and monitor your budget. Our secure, PCI-compliant system provides access to a complete, real-time overview of budgets, sales and cash position across all events and year-to-year. Put your accounting team and board of directors at ease with detailed reports and accelerate cash flow via a secure e-commerce portal available 24/7/365 on any device.

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