10 Member Personas that make up Your Association

Your association is made up of 10 unique different personas. Find out who they are and what made them join your organization. Create an engaging experience for each member by utilizing the technology that they will love.

1. The Researcher

Who are they? Researchers are ever-curious and pride themselves on having the most updated and meaningful knowledge and knowing where to go for the best information. While they love a good stat and the latest data, they’re not always your Type A personalities. Research member types come from various backgrounds, and at the heart, they know knowledge is power and a precursor to action. 

Researchers like:  

  • Reliable information 
  • Easy-to-find resources 
  • Sharing what they know 

Researchers dislike:  

  • Old information 
  • People unwilling to share their knowledge 
  • Buried resources and information 

Their most loved tech? Researchers adore the learning management system (LMS). In an LMS like Classroom they’re able to dive deep into your association’s industry by taking courses and certifications. This is also where they can access many documents that contain data that you want. 

How do you attract and retain researchers? Create consistent content with relevant information, create a variety of content – including videos – they can digest and share, develop longer pieces they can sink their teeth into, and highlight stories about your members and your mission. 

2. The Connector

Who are they? Connectors are the people who are always saying, “I know someone you should meet!” And it could be after you’ve mentioned something as casual as your new baking hobby or as meaningful as your struggle as a new parent. Some connectors are your typical networkers, others are consummate hosts. Either way, they love meeting new people and making new connections.  

Connectors like:  

  • An active newsfeed 
  • Event calendars 
  • Discussion forums with an option to direct message 

Connectors dislike:  

  • Closed groups 
  • A community that isn’t mobile-friendly 
  • Few opportunities to gather (virtually, hybrid, and in-person) 

Their most loved tech? Connectors are the heartbeat of your CommUnity and are the types to take the most advantage of what your online community has to offer. They’re active across your newsfeed and your discussion threads, and they relish opportunities to meet and connect with others whether it’s via a webinar or an event.  

How do you attract and retain connectors? For connectors, it’s all about giving them the space to make the connections — and empowering them to deepen the connections they’re making within the online community and outside of it. Make it easy for them to tag people in posts, start their own discussion forums, plan local meet-ups, and plan social and networking events for them during annual meetings.  

3. The Scholar

Who are they? Similar to researchers, scholars know that knowledge is power, and while your community scholars love interacting with resources, they really enjoy those formalized, official learning opportunities like courses and modules. They like expanding their skills and measuring what they’ve learned.  

Scholars like:  

  • Courses 
  • Educational videos 
  • Assessments/quizzes  

Scholars dislike:  

  • Buried information and knowledge 
  • Lack of diversity of discussion topics 
  • Lack of educational opportunities (sessions at events, workshops, courses) 

Their most loved tech? Scholars thrive with a learning management system (LMS) like Classroom. Utilizing your association’s Classroom provides them with opportunities to take relevant courses and complete certifications. They benefit from the flexibility Classroom gives you, where you can take courses and certifications at your leisure from your computer.  

How do you attract and retain scholars? Scholars need constant opportunities to learn and they’ll take anything and everything you offer. From short, casual video tutorials to a formal course, consider offering these and more in your LMS. Certificates of completion will allow them to share their learning accomplishments with others so make sure to create those as well. 

4. The Advocate

Who are they? Advocates are people of action and true believers of their association. They’re cheerleaders for your team and their fellow members, and they’re crusaders for your cause to the outside world. They are the first people to share information and raise awareness about your organization’s mission. Advocates are the type of members to come up with ideas for fundraising, plan events, and assist in management. 

Advocates like:  

  • Event calendars 
  • Stories about other members and constituents 
  • Volunteer opportunities 

Advocates dislike:  

  • Plans without action 
  • Difficulty getting involved (lack of communication, no clear instructions, etc.) 
  • Negative posts 

Their most loved tech? Advocates are big believers in event management tools. Here they can create and manage their association’s events. These tools allow them to connect people virtually and face-to-face for your organization’s mission. 

How do you attract and retain advocates? One of the best ways to keep advocates around is to make it easy to get involved. Create a discussion thread that you regularly update with volunteer opportunities or mission needs, and include a section on your community main page that says “Want to help? Get involved” and link to a form, an upcoming event, etc.

5. The Entertainer

Who are they? Entertainers forge connections by bringing light and laughter to your community. We know that sounds a little cheesy, but entertainers enjoy finding and sharing the positive and humorous side of life within their communities and like to bring joy to their fellow members. They are social and live to be a part of every event, whether it’s digital or in person 

Entertainers like:  

  • Social hours and events 
  • Games and quizzes 
  • Multimedia posts (video, pictures, memes) 

Entertainers dislike:  

  • Repetitive posts and resources 
  • A disorganized newsfeed 
  • Negative posts 

Their most loved tech? Entertainers really enjoy the safe and protected aspect that CommUnity offers. They like that they can be themselves, find people who enjoy socializing and having fun together, and share a few laughs, even as they make serious moves to further your organization’s mission.  

How do you attract and retain entertainers? Entertainers are pretty easy to please. As long as you ensure they can share a funny video and picture on the newsfeed or in discussion forums and plan to feature fun guests and, yes, entertainers during your events. 

6. The Influencer

Who are they? Influencers love to make an impact. They will gladly jump on any opportunity to speak at an event, submit a selection of writing, or share their thoughts on social media. As thought leaders, they are passionate about their organization and want to share their expertise with others.  

Influencers like:  

  • Speaking opportunities 
  • Writing pieces of thought leadership 
  • Social events 

Influencers dislike:  

  • Closed groups 
  • Difficulty getting involved (lack of communication, no clear instructions, etc.) 
  • Sitting in the background 

Their most loved tech? Influencers will be most active in CommUnity where they can bring their expertise to others. They enjoy posting and participating in the groups function CommUnity provides. This is also where influencers will be up to date on what events are happening and the speaking opportunities that come with them. 

How do you attract and retain influencers? Giving influencers a space to be heard is key for them to thrive. Offer opportunities to write for your newsletter, speak at your events and interact with their contributions in your online community. Make sure they feel heard, and their contributions are valued in your association.

7. The Giver

Who are they? Givers are the ultimate helpers. They find purpose in assisting others through volunteering, fundraising, and donating. Influencers are passionate about their association’s mission and often engage in philanthropic activities. 

Advocates like:  

  • Fundraising events 
  • Stories about other members and constituents 
  • Volunteer opportunities 

Advocates dislike:  

  • Events with no purpose 
  • Difficulty getting involved (lack of communication, no clear instructions, etc.) 
  • Lack of enthusiasm 

Their most loved tech? Givers are huge advocates of online communities. Using CommUnity they can spearhead their organization’s fundraising efforts and volunteer opportunities. They enjoy being up to date on everything that can help their association. Using the social aspect, they’re able to share fundraising and volunteer opportunities with others in your groups. 

How do you attract and retain advocates? One of the surest ways to attract and keep givers around is by providing plenty of chances to help your organization. Make sure your organizations’ volunteer opportunities are shared and consider implementing a volunteer committee. Having plenty of fundraising and volunteer opportunities are a giver’s dream. 

8. The Climber

Who are they? Climbers are career-driven! They joined their association as a way to grow their career and have access to professional development opportunities. They tend to spend a lot of time browsing company directories and job boards. Climbers likely joined your association to access all of the industry connections and help nurture your professional career. 

Climbers like:  

  • Online job boards 
  • Courses 
  • Volunteer opportunities within their industry 

Climbers dislike:  

  • Limited industry information 
  • Lack of networking opportunities 
  • Lack of educational opportunities (sessions at events, workshops, courses) 

Their most loved tech? Climbers will always utilize Job Board. They want the option to pursue new career opportunities in their industry. This is also where they can discover volunteer positions that align with their professional goals. 

How do you attract and retain advocates? For climbers, their biggest motivator is their professional career, so ensure transparency about the industry and opportunities. Having access to job boards, networking, CEU courses, certifications and volunteering opportunities will make climbers happy. Having recognition from the industry is important to a climber so consider implementing roles of management for your members to give them the accreditation they’re hungry for. 

9. The Mentor

Who are they? Mentors are knowledge sharers, always ready and willing to take the newest members under their wing. They love to share all the information they’ve learned in their association, and prefer to do it in a formal way (1 on 1). Mentors will jump at the opportunity to speak at an event, teach a session, write up a section in your weekly newsletter or lead the onboarding process for your association’s newbies. 

Mentors like:  

  • Networking events 
  • Stories about other members and constituents 
  • Opportunities to contribute thought leadership 

Mentors dislike:  

  • Lack of connection to other members 
  • Difficulty getting involved (lack of communication, no clear instructions, etc.) 
  • A community that isn’t mobile friendly 

Their most loved tech? Mentors are huge users of CommUnity where they can interact with all your association’s members. They tend to be involved in most groups and probably even lead some of them! In your online community, they are the first to say hello to a new member and are always there if they have questions or need assistance. 

How do you attract and retain advocates? A mentor is happy when they can contribute their years of experience to a fresh new mind. When onboarding new members, consider a buddy program that gets the mentor personas involved.  

10. The Curious

Who are they? The curious are passive, but inquisitive members of your association. They tend to observe more than actively engage with events and opportunities you see. They are likely a newer member and still trying to figure out where they fit in with your association or they are a more introverted member, preferring to watch and listen to what others have to say. 

The Curious like:  

  • Easily accessible and reliable information 
  • Mobile friendly communities  
  • Flexible opportunities to engage 

The Curious dislike:  

  • Lack of mobile friendly options 
  • Difficulty getting involved (lack of communication, no clear instructions, etc.) 
  • People unwilling to share information 

Their most loved tech? As passive members, CommUnity is where the curious thrive. This is where they can watch and observe everything. As someone who comes and goes as their time and priorities allows, the online community is the easiest way to be as involved as they want to be. Information is always available, but they don’t have to actively participate if they don’t want to. 

How do you attract and retain advocates? Curious members of your association crave flexibility. Keeping open communication in your CommUnity is key here, make sure all information is easily accessible. If you have recordings of webinars or courses, keep them in your community where they can watch them when their schedule allows.