Return on Investment & Return on Mission

It’s inevitable. The time will come when you will have to justify your organization’s investment in any project, including an online community. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Deeper Engagement, With Results

Small World Labs specializes in building engagement with your constituents. An engaged supporter is a more valuable supporter. Below you can see just some of the results that Small World Labs clients have achieved:

  • 352% increase in fundraising per person
  • 78% increase in new member referrals per person
  • 50% increase in attendance at events
  • 115% increase in social sharing rate
  • 2,000% increase in team-based fundraising
  • 10% increase in membership retention
  • 49% increase in member retention
  • 228% increase in volunteer hours
  • 90% reduction in membership churn
  • 73% increase in membership upgrades
  • 53% increase in event revenue per person
  • 437% increase in revenue per person 6

Small World Community has been an excellent partner in helping us reach our organizational goals. Relative to their offline counterparts, we’ve found that members within our online community start fundraising earlier, set higher goals, achieve those goals more often, and raise more money (352%) for Relay for Life.

— Joe Prosperi, Lead, Relay for Life Product Management
American Cancer Society