Volunteer Communities

Volunteers can be the life blood of an organization. They are tireless, generous, and dedicated to your mission. Many times, they are the first impression that a constituent of the public gets of your organization. However, developing and managing a volunteer army doesn’t come without its own set of challenges.

Common Volunteer-Related Challenges

  • Attracting new volunteers
  • Matching volunteers by skill and interest to needed opportunities
  • Training and onboarding volunteers so they are ready to contribute
  • Screening and approving new volunteers
  • Maintaining volunteer loyalty and engagement
  • Connecting volunteers to create a sense of place with the organization or cause
  • Providing volunteer resources that are useful and utilized
  • Organizing volunteer groups or mission trips

How Small World Community for Volunteers Can Help

  • Easy online registration, with options for single sign on for a seamless online experience
  • Customized onboarding steps to ensure new, potential volunteers access the right materials and take the correct steps
  • Online applications for volunteer positions with options for approvals and staff routing workflows
  • Recommendation Engine to suggest volunteer opportunities based on the individual
  • Track and display volunteer hours online with options to integrate with your CRM or AMS database
  • Connects volunteers with each other and program leaders
  • Online questions and answers for scalable assistance
  • Multiple methods to share ideas, best practices and experiences with each other
  • Online groups for volunteer groups or mission trips
  • Leaderboards and Gamification to recognize volunteers and develop a sense of pride
  • A central hub where volunteers can share user generated content (e.g., photos & videos) that can be used by your organization for marketing purposes

By moving our previous online community to Small World Community, we were able to improve the online experience for our supporters and learn more about them at the same time. That’s win-win.

— Julie Lubinsky, Manager of Web Production and Social Media
Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation