Support Communities

At the end of the day, the mission for many nonprofits is to help those they serve. However, mission support can sometimes be viewed by management as a cost center for the organization and there are challenges in reaching everyone effectively. How do you achieve a strong Return On Mission in this dynamic?

Common Challenges Facing Mission Support

  • Those you serve are often scattered around the country and world
  • Mission support is viewed as an expense, with costs and staff time tight
  • Your mission serves different groups and stakeholders
  • How to bring people together so they don’t feel alone
  • Those you serve would rather listen to others whom have shared their circumstances

How Small World Community™ for Mission Support Can Help

Providing the target audience of your programs and campaigns a centralized, strategically driven social collaboration space can be a very effective path for continually constrained budgets on “constituent service” staff, as well as a very strong signal that you are invested in providing your constituency with an online platform and resources dedicated to help them. Well conceptualized, configured and nurtured, successful support communities can impact your bottom line and your constituents’ perception of (and engagement with) your organization by:

  • Provides a central hub to connect together those you serve
  • Creates new opportunities for people to find others with shared experiences and have been in their shoes
  • Helps individuals share their thoughts and status with others
  • Enables constituents to ask questions and get answers to key their needs and doubts
  • Generates an important feeling that they are no longer alone
  • New Provides an efficient vehicle to reach those you serve in a many-to-many manner, reducing (but not totally removing) costly and less effective 1-to-1 interactions 6
  • Supplies opportunities for individuals to access organized resources and provide feedback to make those resources more impactful
  • Keeps your organization front and center as a resource for them
  • Enables your organization to collect key engagement data about those you serve so you can understand them better
  • Provides opportunities for constituents to engage more deeply with your organization
  • Organizes sub-audiences so conversations can be created about more specific topics relevent to them

Small World Community is a great community platform which is easy to learn and allows for quick changes to be made with ease. Plus the mobile version looks great on all devices.

— Todd Fuhrman, Association Management System Analyst
Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN)