Strategic Implementation

Small World Community leads your organization through the process and steps to create community that matches your organization and constituents’ needs. We’ve done this before. We lead you in the right direction and make sure you get there.

Discovery and Goals

The implementation begins with a detailed survey of your organization’s structure, constituents, and goals, culminating with a recommended configuration.

Visual Design

Whether it’s creating a seamless interface with your existing website or creating a new look and feel just for the community, we deliver the experience your environment needs.

Action Workflows

We help identify operational workflows that can be made more efficient online, establish the use cases, and map it to our platform Action Workflow tools to improve staff productivity.


Mobile usage is key and we use our dynamic mobile platform tools that truly optimize the experience for constituents wherever they are.

Configuration and Setup

Taking things to completion, we configure your community with the right experience for day 1, day 30, day 90, and beyond.

Platform Training

With everything ready to go, we take your team through personalized training sessions so that you have the knowhow to take control.