Program Communities

Many organizations divide their mission into specific programs to accomplish strategic goals. These programs often serve different stakeholders, need to utilize different organizing methods, and require unique approaches. Creating engagement specific to each of these programs can have its challenges.

Common Challenges for Organizations with Multiple Programs

  • How to provide a central area that unifies everyone involved in the program
  • Supporters of one program have very little in common with supporters of another program
  • Program staff are often resource and time constrained
  • A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work across programs with different needs
  • Your programs have different strategic goals and tactics to achieve them
  • Funding sources differ based on the program.
  • Program staff and activities may exist in disparate geographical locations

How Small World Community for Programs Can Help

  • Provides a central online hub that can bring together all program supporters
  • Creates a targeted environment with a user experience that is tailored to the specific needs of the program
  • Gives program staff an efficient, many-to-many resource to engage and serve a broad program base
  • Presents a tangible initiative that can be funded by program-focused donors
  • Builds engagement between like-minded program supporters
  • Helps onboard new program supporters in a customizable set of steps, ensuring each constituent is taking the steps you need
  • Provides an opportunity for constituents to access resources and provide feedback to make them more targeted and impactful
  • Connects program supporters together, regardless of their location
  • Creates opportunities for program sub-groups to form and collaborate online

Small World Community is a flexible platform with a comprehensive feature set. This is a great product from a great company that really wants its clients to succeed.

— Jeffrey Montegut, Sr. Manager
American Cancer Society – Relay for Life