Event Fundraising Communities

Empower your supporters to become better fundraisers. Whether it is for individual, team-based, peer-to-peer, or do-it-yourself fundraising, our Event Fundraising communities help your supporters learn from one another, share best practices, and encourage each other to take the next step.

Common Event Fundraising Challenges

  • Building year-round support from volunteers, fundraisers, and event participants
  • Providing a voice to team captains, event committees, and staff
  • Sharing best practices across events in different geographic regions
  • Encouraging event participants to take the next step as fundraisers
  • Promoting brand consistency and collateral standardization across many events
  • Providing training and onboarding best practices to fully empower new supporters
  • Matching new volunteers with available opportunities based on needs and skills
  • Ensuring your resources have the most impact

How Small World Community for Fundraising Can Help

  • Helps participants share fundraising ideas across teams and for DIY events
  • Provides supporters with the ability to ask questions to community and get advice
  • Increases donations raised per event, per team, and per fundraiser
  • Enables team captains to crowdsource new team constituents from the community
  • Increases loyalty and retention rates through year-round engagement
  • Reduces the time and effort needed to manage events
  • Builds competition across teams and across events
  • Integrates with fundraising platforms for a seamless participant experience
  • Helps you better understand your event participants
  • Gets team fundraisers more involved and engaged

Small World Community has been an excellent partner in helping us reach our organizational goals. Relative to their offline counterparts, we’ve found that members within our online community start fundraising earlier, set higher goals, achieve those goals more often, and raise more money (352%) for Relay for Life.

— Joe Prosperi, Lead, Relay for Life Product Management
American Cancer Society